Little advice?

Hi ladies had my MRI scan results a couple of days ago an thankfully it came back the cancer was still contained to the cervix they said my lymph nodes wernt enlarged but look a bit thick on top. Any way what I was wondering I'm only going for a chest X-ray tomorrow to check lungs does anybody know if it is possible to go to your lungs if its contained to the cervix? Not sure if that's a silly question to ask just know am panicking again more tests more waiting why is it we always expect the worse?? Any advice ladies I would be grateful. Hope every 1 is doing good take care and lots of love xx

Clear smear 2011

Heavy bleeding 

30.05.14 colposcopy biopsy taken

4.06.14 cervical cancer diagnosed

awaiting MRI results

aged 27 (28 nxt month) 

Mri results contained to the cervix

Stage 1b1 

awaiting chest X-ray and treatment plan

 Awwww I can't be much use to you as im

not sure, wouldn't your lymph nodes be very enlarged if that were the case?? Hope yr doing ok! Xxx

I really don't no mrs m? think I'm having a really bad day infact I no I am. Need to get a grip and stop feeling sorry for my self just that this is the most scariest situation I have ever been in. Hope your ok hun take it you our still waiting you must be going out your mind the waiting game is awful here if you need a chat big hugs xx

Hi Dominique

All I can say is that now that you have been diagnosed things will move very quickly ..... at least having the further tests will ensure that the treatment plan is correct ....

All the best for tomorrow


Thanks Tracey xx