Little advice please

Hi ladies hope every one is doing good! I got my chest X-ray back today and I t was clear so very thankful for that :) I've got my treatment plan meeting tomorrow at the hospital and was just wanting a bit of advice of what I should expect? I'm feeling rather nervous but looking forward on getting the ball rolling. So any advice would be greatly appreciative! Sending you all lots of hugs xx

1st smear 2011 clear

heavy bleeding march 2014

Colposcopy 30.5.14

cc confirmed and MRI 4.6.14

MRI shows tumor contained to cervix

staged 1b1

chest X-ray clear

awaiting treatment plan meeting 

Thats great news .  Good luck for tomorrow

My one peice of advice would be to take someone with you - a second pair of ears is important, but I found it invaluable having my hubby with me

Remember the rule - the only stupid question is the one you dont ask xx

Good luck

Thanks Tracey! I'm taking my bf with me but also a pen and pad! Will keep you updated xx


I had hubby with me and I listed a few questions on a piece of paper in advance.  I asked what type of incision ( keyhole, vertical etc), how long would I be in, how long would I be in theatre, what pain relief would be given, what happens post op and when would I find out the results from the op.

So pleased your chest x-ray was clear.  Hope you get the same result as me and not need chemo or radiotherapy.  

Wishing you lots of luck.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Thanks CherylD good questions to ask I will have to write a list my head is like a sieve! hope I get the op to but just greatful they can remove it so whatever it may be just want it out my body. thanks again ladies for getting back to me xx

Good news with your chest X Ray! As the other ladies have mentioned I would take someone with you for an extra set of ears! Ask as many questions as you can think of as now is the ideal time! Like you, I  just wanted to get on with it as soon as possible! Good luck best wishes x

Thank you else74 xx