Light at the end of the tunnel

Hi all!!
I had my mri follow up scan on Tuesday and was called with the results yesterday - the cancer is gone, nothing found, scan clear, treatment has worked!!! Cannot quite believe it, wouldn’t say it was happiness, more absolute relief,
I can now begin to move on, and whilst I’ve 101 symptoms and side effects from treatment, including early menopause at the age of 30, I no longer have cancer!! I have kicked ass!!!
I couldn’t have got through it without this forum, for days I needed a rant, to days I needed to just read other people’s stories - thank you all!!!
And anyone starting out on this journey, stay positive and belive that there truly is light at the end of the tunnel!!

Hello LT 

congratulations!!!! You did it!!! Give yourself a big reward as it really does take so much out of you mentally and physically. I go for my first scan on nov 9 And I'm praying for the same great news. 


Hi LT  The treatment does work. I love modern medicine. Well done  It will take a while to sink in, to finally breathe again, to have confidence in the future. Enjoy every minute of it. Jayne

Congratulations LT!! Amazing news. Like Lolli, I a, now waiting for my first scan, and it seems like my mind  back to before treatment started, the not knowing. News like yours keeps me positive though, we'll done, go mad treat yourself now 

Tracey xxx

That's amazing well done you x

Well done and hope all is well xx

Thanks everyone!!

Girls, just keep positive, for as hard as it seems, but a busy, positive and active mind helps the time pass, amd scan date will be here before you know it! I keep everything crossed that yous get the same results!  

The treatment really does help, I can't believe I have managed to kick it's ass, I was diagnosed with a 7cm tumour and it had spread to 3 of my lymph nodes within my pelvis also. I couldn't possibly imagine coming out the other side of it- but here I am!! 

Although I must say, the same time I get the great news, I also have a flare up of side effects and finding myself permanently stuck to the toilet again!!  small price to pay I guess!! 



Woot! Woot!

Many congratulations! I hope you've been celebrating in style!

Be lucky :-)


many congrats I can imagine it must be such an overwhelming experience to here that it's gone 

take one day at a time and have fun and before you know it you'll be 2 years down the line and heading for 5 

onwards and upwards 

love michelle xx 

Congratulations :). After the initial high from the first clear it can all become a bit more real so take your time to get back on your feet :). Saying that I was so determined to feel normal lol I was like a busy bee. Xx