Lifestyle between Lletz 1 &2nd

I am  a guy posting this for a friend as i told her I'd find out all i can for her(and that's the truth!)--her daughter is 23 and will not discuss details with her, period, so this is what i know--she(daughter) had the 1st Lletz procedure sveral months ago, went back yesterday and they decided she needs another lletz in 4 months. What kind of lifestyle would you suggest the girl leads during this time period--no sex, diet, excercise-mom an contold some of those things, such as diet (the girl will will listen but not talk about it)-I guess boosting the immune system is obviuosly important but should be abstaining? Any suggestions? You can ask for more details and i might be able to last question-if she had low grade when she met her boyfriend and he is and was unaware of all this, he could be carrying it now(?), could he have reinfected her after the 1st lletz?

Hi Taumau,

The likelihood is that in her last lletz they didn't manage to remove all the cells so are doing another to make sure they have all gone.

I assume you are talking about the hpv which will have brought on the cell changes? Boosting the immune system can help her to clear the virus but apart from that I don't think there is really much she can do. Abstaining from sex will not really affect it from what I understand (apart from in the first few weeks after lletz to avoid infection). Maybe you should visit the information sheets on this website about hpv and it may be able to give your friend a little more knowledge on what her daughter is going through.

With hpv, it can be in your system for years undetected and there are currently no tests for men so there would be no way to know whether he is carrying it now but from what I have read, it doesnt pass back and forth from person to person so its unlikely he's re-infected her.

As a woman thats gone through all this at a very similar age to your friends daughter I can understand why she would rather not talk about this with her parents too much. I was the same and found the ladies on this forum much easier to talk to as they've been through similar things. It maybe an idea to suggest this forum to your friends daughter.

Hope this helps a little

Hiya, boosting her immune system may help a little, as said previosuly

HPV cannot be passed back and forth and your friends daughter may if had it for years

without knowing about it, sex is only a no after the Lletz procedure, also as said 

they probably didint get all the cells at her previous Lletz so want to do another to make sure



hi, yes it sounds like during her 1st lletz procedure the resulboost the biopsy of the tissue removed obviously didn't show clear margins, so they've checked her after 4 months (to allow her cervix to heal) and then did another lletz to ensure all abnormal cells are out. You can't ping pong the hpv virus. Iv heard that folic acid is good for "new cells and cell repair" so it maybe good for her to take them. They haven't got any downsides so its good if she could take them. Also as for her body fighting off the hpv virus she really shouldn't smoke, this isn't just a normal ploy or excuse this is genuine n it definitely helps your body fight the virus. Sex is totally fine except for the first 4-6 weeks after the lletz procedure as her cervix needs to heal. Other than that aslong as she is comfortable then she's fine to carry on a normal life. I understand your friend is concerned, maybe she should try and ask her daughter questions to help her understand it all, and I'm sure the lady will tell her mum. Not for me to judge obviously but I would personally hate to feel that my mum was worried and afraid to ask me. Good luck to all of you xx