Life on hold waiting for results!Arrrrgh!!

Hi ladies,

I am needing a rant,and some reasurance please Smile

I had MRI last Sat and have to wait 2wks for results and it is driving me bonkers!!!

I am in pain and feel tired,but at the same time I don't feel ill.Its so wierd.I want to get on with things;shopping,gardening

going out etc.I feel the same as before my chemoradiation but I was still working and

did'nt know at that point the cancer was back!!So just got on with things as best I could.I work for myself and part of me wants

to get back to work,but then if I start up again and its bad news I will have to let my clients down again.

I feel like I am in total limbo.

Anybody with my history and everything turned out ok??

(recurrence in lymph nodes and non operable tumour  in ovary and pelvic wall)

Having abit of a wobble.I like to know where I stand so I can deal with it.

After my hysterectomy I was told straight away that margins were clear and that was that.

Well,sorry for the long post

Thanks for reading

Becky x


Although i can't relate, I know what the waiting game feels like. so am thinking of you and sending virtual hugs.


Thanks Pat.I wish none of us had to go through any of this.

Thanks for replying.Takecare

Becky x

I’ve been dealing with abnormalities for 11 years but now it’s gotten worse and I’m waiting on my cone biopsy/DNC results this week. It is scary!
I’ve been off work 2 weeks and I cannot afford bad results… And I literally mean I can’t afford it. I’ve used up my sick time now and have few holiday time left. I’m a single mom of 2 and cannot afford a day off. It can be quite confusing!
I wish you the best, I’m sure you never get used to the waiting game!
With that said, I’ve been in business before, would love to again and people do understand. I say go for it girl!!!

Hi Wenspics,

Call the macmillan national help line 0808 808 00 00 They will give you advice re financial help.

They are very good and offer advice for whatever stage of treatment you are at.

It's a difficult time finding out whats going on,if/when you need more treatment.

Have you got family to help you?

In my experience you have to ask for help.Talk to your GP regarding your worries.

Hope this helps.

Keep us posted with your results.Fingers crossed that will be the end of it and you can

get back to your usual routine.

Becky x