Life insurance problems following cancer diagnosis

hello everyone, 


sorry for for this being such a trivial matter on the forum but I was hoping someone could help. 

I was diagnosed in July last year with a very early stage and very small cancer which didn't require any treatment other than the LLETZ procedure that identified it. 

I am currently in the process of buying a house and need life insurance / mortgage cover and despite there being no further issues and my biannual check ups going well so far, I have been refused cover following the disclosure of the cervical cancer. 

Can anyone recommend a provider that will cover me? 

thanks in advance 


k xx 

Hi Klarissa

I suggest you don't tell the next company you try. Insurance Companies are evil and deserve to be deceived.

Be lucky :-)

Hi. I only had cin but they didn’t want to cover me until I got a clear colposcopy three years later. If you have a pension plan, check that they don’t also offer some life insurance benefits. I did do some google search back then, and there were some insurances that specialise in cancer patients. Might be worth a check. I also read that a life insurance is mandatory for a mortgage but not when the person taking it cannot be offered one. Worth checking with your fa? Finally, the trouble with lying to get cover is that if It’s found out, your policy will be worthless. Good luck.

i have literally just got a mortgage and life cover was not needed. Just needed to prove immediate buildings cover. Perhaps check out other providers or speak to a broker

Hi :) 

i was in the same situation as you... I managed to get life insurance through vitality UK :) it's a good cover and decent cost. a few of the others wanted alot of money off me!

good luck xxx 

Hi there - I struggled also with life insurance and was told by most providers that if i waited 5 years the premiums should come down. I waited the 5 years and got back in touch to be told that it was cost me £120 per month for the first year, followed by £6 per month for the rest of the policy which seemed a bit mad as i was insuring myself for 100K for 19 years with decreasing cover over the life of my mortgage. Anyway I found out from my Employer that i was covered for 2.5 times my salary if I needed the cover whilst being still in service so it worried me a little less. I got back in touch with The Insurance Surgery this year and dealt with a lady called Sarah Angel (I am now 8 years psot rad trach) and they quoted me £6 per month for 16 years for 90K decreasing term. My suggestion would be to see what your pension offers and then be patient and get some quotes in a few years times as the premiums definitely do come down :)