Life insurance cover post cervical cancer

Hi ladies,

i wondered if anyone has had any recent experience trying to get life insurance after treatment. Specifically if you have never had any kind of life cover before cc.

I’m buying my first house and will need life insurance as part of my mortgage terms.

i have been accepted for a policy with legal and general but their cheapest offer is £101 per month giving a lump sum payout of £90,000 if I were to die. After 3 years it will be £6 per month. The first 3 years are very expensive and doesn’t seem to give me so much in return as non-cancer related offers would.

for context I am 3 years clear after a radical trachalechtomy and 31 years old

does anyone have any thoughts on this? Or advice?

i have searched high and low for pre-existing medical condition specialists. But they don’t seem to exist like they do for travel Insurance.

in reality this is unaffordable but I feel like I have no choice but to accept it.

the broker has really hounded me on this with 3 calls a day and it’s very stressful



Hi there,

I don't know about cervix other than to say they are being ridiculous as your chances are excellent.

However my son is in same boat. He has autoimmune hepatitis and has been turned down by everyone. However he has found a company called pulse which do specialise in this sort of thing. He hasn't been accepted yet but hasn't been turned down either. Worth a try!

Karen x 


I took out life insurance after I was diagnosed. Had several turn me down after the medical questions but finally got cover with vitality health, its around £20 a month and pays out a lump some to clear the mortgage and also a £1000 a month to my partner until my youngest son is 21. They did ask for my gp to fill out their medical report and then came back to say I'd been accepted. I have heard someone on here saying they turned them down, not sure if their cancer was more advanced or if may e vitality have changed their rules but worth giving them a call. Good luck x

Also my stage was 1a1 and removed with lletz and cone, I was also 31 years old x


If you are in the UK, I can guarantee that life cover is NOT a condition of your mortgage offer, and you do not need it to go ahead. I’m a mortgage adviser with 20 years experience so I can promise you it’s not compulsory, if recommended.
You will find your premium drops if you apply after you’ve had your 5 year all clear as well.
I think Cancer Research have recommended companies? Might be worth looking?
Don’t be forced into taking the cover though, brokers can be very pushy but it will not stop you getting your mortgage, whatever they say! It will affect their commission however…

Best wishes

  • Hi can I ask was your cancel cells a low or high grade? Mine were grade 3 cells but early 1b1. Just had all clear after hysterectomy and lymph node removal. Age 31