Life after treatment

Hi I’m a year our of treatment.i had chemo, radiation and internal now on HRT and been put on estrogen gel ,because I’m am still over whelming tired all the time .can anyone give any advice ? All my bloods are fine .XXX

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I have no advice but im sure one of our ladies who’ve had similar will reply soon.

Do you know if your thyroid function was checked in those tests?

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Hi yes everything was checked,incase I needed blood transfusion.all good xxx

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Well the positive is the bloods were fine. Ive read of many ladies who suffer with being extremely tired. Ive seen memtioned thyroid, menopause, depression and just continued effects of the treatments. I was offered an Hollistic appointment with my CNS. It was to discuss issues just like yours as well as many other problems like late treatment effects. Can u contact your CNS and ask if she/he has any other ideas or suggestions?


Hi George72

Did your blood tests include vitamins B12 and D checks?

Personally I think a year post treatment is still early days and it’s possible you are still healing physically and mentally, hence the fatigue. Maybe you need to be resting more?. Have you considered supplements e.g. magnesium?

I’m 5 years post treatment and I still get fatigued. I developed lymphoedema in one leg and I feel this contributes to my fatigue. Even though you may not have visible symptoms it’s possible your lymphatic system is sluggish as a result of the damge to your pelvic lymph nodes/vessels caused by your treatment. Unfortunately if you don’t have symptoms the NHS won’t offer you any tests or treatment. if you can afford the best part of £1000 and are in the UK then assessments (includes a scan) of lymphatic function are available from The Oxford Lymphoedema Practice or LymphVision - see links below. Private treatment could include Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) from a MLD therapist - see ‘Physiopod’ link below. A DIY version of Lympahtic Drainage includes ‘dry brushing’ - see ‘youtube’ link below:

P.S. I’m no expert and the link between the lymphatic system and fatigue are my own views based on personal experience.



Hey …… very early days for you … take each one as it comes and be kind to yourself. I’m on HRT have been now for 16 months … mine are patches and it took a long time get me where I am now . Definitely working ok for me tho . :heart: I’m so very tired all the time but I have a lot of problems from surgery and have more to come . :heart:

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