Life after a hysterectomy

Hello everyone,

just confirmed with doctor today that a third leep is probably not a viable option for treatment and he is looking to give me a hysterectomy. Obviously I’m gutted at the idea of losing fertility but I’m also terrified of surgery and how it will affect my physical life. For those who have experienced a hysterectomy what was recovery like for you? I’m terrified I won’t be able to do yoga or other exercises that are so important for my sanity or even enjoy sex again. I’m scared that I’ll not only lose this identity as a mother/woman but also as someone who is strong, confident, capable. I guess I’m just reaching out for someone to tell me that our bodies won’t change forever due to this surgery and that I’ll be myself again in no time. Or maybe I need someone to tell me that’s not the case so I can be prepared. I really don’t know anymore. 


Do you know if the hysterectomy will be open or keyhole (laparascopic) surgery?


I think he mentioned I could receive keyhole. 

Hi again

Sorry. more questions.  Are you having pelvic lymph nodes removed?  Will you be having a simple hysterectomy or a radical one?  Will you be keeping your ovaries?


Hi heathbell 

I understand your shock, and have the same worries as you do. 10 days ago I was staged and recommended an open radical hysterectomy with lymph node removal, and it's going to happen in 4 days time. I never got round to having kids, we got married less than 2yr ago. They're going to leave the ovaries so hopefully I wont go into menopause right away.

I have cancer so I just have to go along with whatever treatment is recommended as my best option and worry about the quality of life after...

Jezza is right to ask these questions as your recovery will be different depending on the answers. A laparoscopic simple hysterectomy leaving the lymph nodes will be a much easier ride for recovery, than the one I need to have. 

All the best x


A little over a year ago I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy with lymph node removal and oophorectomy. 

Are things exactly the same as before my op? Well not exactly. I have a permanently numb thigh and my bladder is slow to empty sometimes. 

Has my sex life suffered? Not at all.

Can I exercise? Yes, if I wasn't so lazy! However I work 14 hour shifts in a pretty physical job.

It probably took me about 6 months to feel fully fit again.

This is my personal experience of surgery, if that's any help xx

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I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy last year. I was 39 and it was due to early stage cervical cancer. So I went with whatever would cure me :)

I was terrified if I'm honest, I work in maternity so have a decent knowledge of the op. I also know the gyn oncology consultants which I think helped me a lot. 
My recovery was good, I returned to work after 10 weeks (my job is very physical). Pain was fine, I managed with simple analgesia after the first night but everyone is different so take whatever you need! I am now back to exercise, body pump, combat and yoga. Just take it easy, build up and go steady with core exercises. Anything that puts pressure on the pelvic floor is a no no.

My main symptom of recover was tiredness....OMG! So tired but as Meraud said it was 6 months before I really felt like me again (that was just a couple of weeks ago).
Good luck xxxx

Hello Heathbell10,

I don't know if you're already had your hysterectomy, but I thought I'd chip in with my experience. In March I had a radical hysterectomy with lymph node removal. They went in abdominally and I now have a very large scar across my body. I'm 40 and in 'average condition'. I had 12 weeks off work to recover from my surgery and I'd say the recovery was very slow for the first 6-8 weeks but then came on in leaps and bounds all of a sudden. There were many days where I didn't feel I was getting any better and sometimes I even thought my recovery was going backwards! But I'm about 5 months post-surgery now and I feel about 95% back to normal. I don't feel 'quite right' in my bladder/bowel region, but it's not painful or anything... I'm just more aware of it than I was before. The surgery was quite major and they did a lot of rummaging around and I think a lot of our insides are quite sensitive, so I'm fully expecting it to be a year or more before I feel 100%. I re-started running a little bit about 3 months after surgery, but the jiggling made me feel weird 'down there', so I've just gone back to long walks. I must admit that I've not tried sex yet because they took a chunk of my vagina and I'm a bit scared that it might hurt, but I was assured that everything would be fully healed by now. I absolutely believe you will still be able to do yoga, sex and all of the other things you enjoy after your hysterectomy.

My advice would be to allow your body plenty of time to heal, even maybe a bit more than you think you need. Like you, I'm very capable and independent, but I had to totally relinquish that for a couple of months and didn't even make myself a cup of tea in that time as I was worried about lifting the kettle! I hated that bit, but I know I'm basically back to normal now as I helped the bf move some very heavy furniture the other day and it was fine.

It's all a bit daunting but you will get through it somehow and you will heal and get back to normal.

Any questions, please do ask.

Good luck!

KM x