LGSIL, CIN 1 smear

Hello Ladies,

Like another CIN1 poster...I hope I am not being insensitive with my questions as I know there are so many more serious cases in this forum.  But I'm freaked out and need to hear from someone who has a similar story.  I had my first abnormal pap 6 months ago, my OB/GYN did a colpscopy and biopsy which showed CIN1 and i have High Risk HPV, and told me to come back in 6 months for a re-pap.  So here I am 7 months later, abnormal Pap again.  The Medical Assisitant told me on the phone that it was LGSIL but was more than last time, whatever "more"means. And I still have High Risk HPV.  I thought it was either LGSIL or not. I go in today for another colposcopy and biopsy.  I am just so worried because over the last 6 months I am really bloated all the time and have cramps when I really shouldn't be having cramps.  Plus about a month ago my lower back has started to ache. I'm not sure if any of my symptoms are related but would like to know if anyone else has had a similar story?? I just know that the next weeks of waiting for results are going to be horrible so any insight will help.


Hi there, i've just found out that i have moderate changes in my cervix and need to go for LLETZ treatment next week. I have also had similar symptoms to youself - bloatedness, cramps but never associated it to anything sinister untill today. So i cant offer you any advise or insight but just watned to let you know that i'm in the same position and really freaking out this time. I also feel silly as there are people really suffereing. Its so hard to not worry and its so rubbish listening to people go oh least they are monitoring it. I feel so lucky it is being monitored but i begrudge having to go through the pain and embarassment.

I hope your colposcopy went ok and fingers crossed you dont have to have any further treatment. if you see this, please let me know the outcome.


Thanks :) x