Letz Under GA Complete

Hi All

Im a little confused where things go from here, I recently had a Letz under GA for Cin 3, it was done under GA because it was over a a wide and extensive area. It all went well and I thought things could move forward positively now. However I phoned up the Coloscopy clinic last week for my results and the nurse confirmed they had removed Cin 2 and Cin 3, however it wasnt with clear margins and she said I would have to wait and see what the consultant would say about whether I would have a 6 month smear or whether I would have to go back to the coloscopy clinic for a check in 6 months time.

I was relatively ok with that until I went for a scan on Friday, (due to heavy periods) and the nurse carrying out the scan said she could see that I didnt have much of a cervix left :-( so now Im wondering whats likely to happen next, if I still have cin 2 and 3 cells left and not much of a cervix will they be able to perform another letz to remove these? is it OK to leave these unclear margins for another 6 months, can the cells spread or does this mean the virus is still present so can cause it to spread further?

Sorry to sound like such a worrier, Im just rubbish at dealing with things like this as Im never ill and yet since this all kicked off in Jan of this year Ive been constantly ill.....(guessing its were Ive been so stressed by this and I know Im lucky but cant help panicing that this could end up getting worse :-(

Anyone with a similar experiance that can stop me summizing and guessing courses of action would really help

Much love to all you out there going through this and the further stages

Sally xxxx

Smear Jan 13 Server Dyskarosis, Jan Coloscopy biopsy Cin 3, March Letz under GA Cin 2 and 3 unclear margins! 







 I had lletz under Ga on Friday, the doctor said that if there were no clear margins I would have LLETZ done again in a few months time. I had a 'top hat' LLETZ down so they took a fair bit x 


Also , I was told I would probably have another colposcopy in 6 months time rather than have a smear done. Every nhs trust has different pprotocols and doctors will have different preferences, I suppose it depends on what they find.