Ok this may sound silly but here it goes!!! I have just found this site! I had an abnormal smear and didn't think much of it as I know people close that this had happened to and I've helped them through it. I went through the colposcopy which found cin3 and have recently had lettz treatment. It's all of a sudden hit me like a ton of bricks, IS THIS A BIG DEAL??? ive not really had much concern about it till now, I'm trying to get to sleep and it's all I can think about. I'm normally a person who can see a reason behind everything but tonight I have a slight sense of panic and am thinking should I be more worried then I have been?? Sorry to ramble as I know some of you have been through worse and I'm sorry but my normal reasonable mind seems to have disappeared tonight x

Definitely don't be hard on yourself for worrying - from all the posts I have read it is completely normal (it is probably much less common not to be concerned!).

I have found that reminding myself CIN is pre cancer, LLETZ is successful in about 95% of cases, & that hopefully all the bad cells have been removed since the treatment has helped me to remain more relaxed while I wait for these results & hopefully find that I am all clear (I was the complete opposite to you & stressing big time before my LLETZ, while I've been feeling much better ever since it was done!).

I hope that this helps you to feel a bit more yourself again, & am wishing you all the best for your results *hug*

Hi there I've recently had a letter after having a biopsy 

to say that I need to have the lletz done as they have found 

cin 2 I am a little worried as I've read things that it will 

cause bleeding which I had after my smear that found abnormal cells

and then after the biopsy which I found very painful. Is it also true 

that you shouldn't have sex for a month after ? Sorry for asking questions 

I was booked in for the 20th of this month but will be away then 

so ideally I want to have it done after my holiday. 

Many thanks for any replies x 

Hi Mazza, you will probably bleed for about 2 - 3 weeks after LLETZ.  To help prevent infection after the treatment you shouldn't have sex for 4 weeks, & you will also need to use pads instead of tampons, shower instead of taking a bath, & avoid swimming & strenuous activity for about the same amount of time.  I think they recommend that you don't go on holiday too soon after LLETZ, I would contact your doctor & find out if rescheduling is an option in your case.