Lettz follow up timeframe

I was told it would be 6 months but is this 6 months after you had the Lettz or 6 months from when you had the letter about the result?

I had Lettz April 19th so technically it is nearly 6 months but I haven’t heard anything, but I would have got the letter some time later saying follow up in 6 months so maybe they mean from the letter date?

I think if I don’t hear by end of the month I will call them, do most people have to check up or should you not get a letter some time before it is due?

Hi @emy0686

Its supposed to be 6 months after the LLETZ treatment itself, if they went by the letter it could turn into a 8 month follow up rather than a 6… you should recieve a screening letter around 2-3 weeks before its due inviting you to book an appointment you should have had one by now or it should come anyday now… i would call them sooner rather than waiting untill the end of the month if you had LLETZ 19th april waiting untill the end of the month goes past the 6 month mark xx

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Thanks @Tinkerbelle29

I called there seemed to some error but I am all booked in now :slight_smile: Good job I didn’t leave it to the end of the month!