LETTZ & awaiting TOC result

Hello all…
My first time posting and I’m nervous. Last July at the age of 26 I had abnormal cells for the second time, and they decided to remove these via LETTZ under GA. I had CIN 2/3 which at the time I emotionally detached myself from as I had two small children at home and a partner who I wanted to be strong for. I was extremely scared, especially as this was my second abnormal smear result in the space of two years.
Now I’m waiting on my test of cure results, and I can’t stop crying. I’m so scared, nervous and worried that it’s going to come back positive again. I’ve already considered the option of a full hysterectomy, I don’t want anymore children and I feel the fear is worse.
Am I normal for not sleeping and feeling so worried?
Advice welcomed xx


Yes you are feeling what most of us have gone through. Waiting for results is hellish. I had my ToC in January and waited nearly 7 weeks for my result. It was clear so I have to wait now for another year and have another smear. I tried to give myself a slot for worrying and then tried to get on with my life. Easier said than done. You’re in good hands. Hope you get your results quickly.

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Hey …. I get all of what your going through. The waiting on test results drove me mad … my sister paid for me to go private so it was quicker but it’s awful :disappointed: take one day at a time xxx it’s ok to cry and fall apart … it makes us stronger :heart:

I haven’t been on the forum for a while, my test of cure smear is due in july. My husband is ill with a heart condition so I think I’ve been burying my head. I don’t think about it, i can’t, i have to be strong but i am terrified as well. Sending a big hug girl xx