Hi, I'm new to this. In 2008 I had a loop biopsy and went to yearly smears. This year they found borderline changes, got biopsy result today which is cin2, but they took my case to mdt meeting on Thursday as I previously had loop. Now got apt in two weeks, to see if their going to treat it or watch it. Has anybody else heard of this and should I be worried?

thanks x


two ladies I work with have been in ur position and have had the loop twice. I know after two loops, they do look at what to do next as a lot of cervix will be gone. But not unheard of to have 2 loops!

good luck xxx


Thanks Don for your reply. I'm concerned with how quick it has came back 4 years, think i'm over thinking what their going to say on Monday and what questions do I ask. My heads been in a wobble. It's the unknown, sorry and thank you x

It is natural to wobble!!! We've all been that, that's why we come on here xxx

4 years doesn't sound unusual, having read other people's posts on here. One of my friends was 6 yrs, one was nearly 20, everyone is different.

i just hope u are able to get sorted on Monday. Write all ue questions down before u go xxx

good luckĀ 

dons x