Hi All

Been waiting for my biopsy results after my colposcopy which i was told they would be sent to me by letter.

Today i receive a very basic letter saying the hospital have made an appointment for me in 2 weeks to see some Doctor. (another 2 weeks to wait)

Should i be worried?

The letter tells me nothing at all.....


Trace x

I'd say not but I suppose you will worry regardless, it's only natural to so don't beat yourself up. 

You are always perfectly fine to ring & ask what the appointment is for or who with & to ask about your biopsy results. 

I know most of us on here have rang at some point so they are well used to it.

Other than the obvious I hope your doing well.



Hi Trace

I received a very similar letter a couple of weeks ago following a colposcopy and biospy, all it said was the date and time to be at the hospital. I worried for a week until my appointment, it was horrendous.

It is likely that they want to discuss things with you - your results, future management etc. If it was anything really 'bad' they would have got you in sooner than the two weeks.

Wishing you all the best xx