letter with no info?!!!

Hi all. I just wondered if anybody has had similar. I had a colposcopy on 6th Feb for bleeding after Sex. Had biopsy taken. Recieved a letter saying there was a large ectropion with Metaplasia And that if there was no CIN found on biopsy then I would have cryocautery to freeze the cells off. Well I've been waiting and waiting, and today a letter has arrived saying I have an appointment on 24 April back at the hospital. No other info! Nothing about what the appointment will entail or whether my biopsy was normal. Would you just assume all was OK? I'm just a bit confused!  Thanks :-) 


Give them a call. Normally if they are going to do a biopsy or other treatment they should pop an explanatory leaflet in.  You are better of knowing what they plan to do so you can prepare.