Letter today.... Appointment tomorrow

first smear... I got letter saturday... saying I have high grade dyskaryosis....

Today received a letter , for an appointment tomorrow. 

all cery scary.... As soooo quick!

Is this normal?!?

when i had my smear, the nurse called a doctor in. 

Not sure why...

My gut... Is telling me something is going to happen...

sooo scared! :-( 

I can understand that would be alarming! I do think colposcopy appointments after abnormal smears tend to be arranged pretty quickly though. I had my letter 2 weeks after my smear then an appointment letter a couple of days later. I am guessing your appointment was today, then, so I hope it goes well; keep us updated X

Hi Roxy

Good luck for tomorrow. I know such an early appointment must have alarm bells ringing in your head, it would for me too. At the very least you do not have to wait weeks for appointment and still be worrying in that time. I have no idea how the booking system works but they may have had a cancellation they needed to fill. Don't assume the worst, try and have something to distract you and try not to google! It won't help, trust me

Big hugs


Thankyou for your reply. 

i had colposcopy, and they did treatment there and then, 

was loop excision... 

Does this mean I have a lot of abnormal cells? 

They also sent some off to get it checked too. 

Get results in 4-6 wks... Such a long wait and only been 2 days. 

What is the results usually? 


Hi Roxy

I have been thinking about you. Glad it all went ok. Im pretty sure they only go for LLETZ if they are sure that your level of abnormality matches your smear results. I think some people get biopsies if the area looks smaller or bigger or better or worse than reported as they don't want you to undergo excessive treatment.

It is a long wait, but if they said 4-6 weeks it means that you have not been marked as an urgent case as they can rush your samples through the lab if anything suspicious is seen. 

Try and keep yourself well, and distracted and hopefully the results will come quicker than expected as they tell you 6 weeks worst case scenario, often it is before

big hugs


Thankyou Suzy, for your reply :-) 

has helped aNd put me a little at ease :-) 

im a teacher and off on an activity week to Isle of wight tomorrow

with 60 children. I know I've got to take it easy. 

and Wont be doing any activities... 

Which is ashame lol... 

my back is constantly hurting, more so since the 

treatment. But no discharge or bleeding which is great. 

How are you Doing? 


Oh wow, yes do take it easy. I felt quite washed out for a couple of weeks. Not sure if it was more from the anxiety or from the actual treatment. Do tell your colleagues that you are recovering from a minor op so they don't expect you to go abseiling or anything...


I've told the lady in charge. 

I felt okay over the weekend... 

But I feel washed out :-( and sooo tired! 

If I wasn't going on this trip, I possibly would of stayed in bed today. 

Not a good week to be going on an activity week