Letter to say I have severe dyskaryosis - help!

I had my letter come through on 12th September (I was on holiday) after waiting 4 weeks to say I have high grade (severe) dyskaryosis. I am absolutely terrified! 

I have my colposcopy booked for tomorrow. Half of me thinks that they would have called me if it was really bad news but I am so scared I can't even begin to explain. I haven't eaten or slept. 

The thing I'm worried about the most is that they are going to tell me tomorrow that I have cancer. I hate the thought that after tomorrow I will have to wait another 1 to 2 weeks for the next batch of results. 

Please can someone reassure me! 

Sorry to hear that you have been told this! Okay, first of all I know it's hard not to panic but you have got to think of this way they are getting you to see someone as soon as possible so that they can definitely confirm that high grade dyskaryosis is the case and if so they can do something about it. Maybe it might be a good idea to take a female family member or a close friend with you to the appointment. They will not tell you at the appointment that you have cancer without them taking a closer look and they might take a sample. hope that everything goes okay for you

Thank you. I am still terrified!