Letter to GP post Lletz and infection

Hi I had Lletz under GA 8 days ago for high grade CGIN (and I think CIN3) and have had a letter today which was sent to my GP and I was copied in. 


It says that the procedure was straightforward and that the surgeon will write to my GP with the results and follow up plan. 


I'm guessing with this being 8 days on and I've not heard anything from the hospital myself that this is good news, fingers crossed!


However after having all of the rest of last week off work resting and going back Monday I am really not feeling well :( achy and shaky, cold/sore throat, back ache, period type pains and sharp pains in pelvis and the discharge is heavier and smells. My GP has put me up some antibiotics.


Also feeling quite confused easily and dizzy, I feel like I never feel well and healthy just lately and it's really starting to get me down :(


It's affecting my work I've been told things aren't going well and that I need to get back on track and improve my work but I just feel so unwell and down. 


I'm going to see how things go but feeling rather down at the moment.


Does anyone else or has anyone else feel the same?


Thank you for reading xx

Hi there 

Bless you lovely . I had treatment for CIN 3 back in march with follow up next month . The whole thing left me feeling so down for ages it's awful know how you feel. I too had the unpleasant smelling discharge :-( along with pains in my tummy , back and legs with a general unwell feeling. Had my LLETZ on my annual leave week with the plan of going to work the next week. I was fine, but obviously did too much and felt worse for going back, with bleeding and needed antibiotics and was told by my GP to rest as much as possible. I'm sure you will begin to feel better with your antibiotics and you should start to get better. The whole thing is so mentally draining and I think it just takes time to get over. Do your best, and don't rush yourself you will get there. You are in the right place, this site is great and was of great help to me too x


*Big hugs* it will get better physically, but it may take alot longer than expected - I noticed a dramatic improvement in my energy levels after around 3 weeks, but it has now been over 4 & I still don't feel "normal" (which may be partly due to my fitness levels having dropped due to not working out & getting as much rest as my job allows).  I was becoming very frustrated with my inability to fully function in my job, but after 4 weeks I risked some of the heavier lifting again & it was fine, so I am now feeling better again in that regard.

I too am really struggling emotionally though, & I am finding it quite hard even after getting good results from my LLETZ.  In my case it may be because I have been through alot the past couple of years - 2 redundancies, ending a long term relationship & workplace bullying :( (yes, believe it or not it does actually happen), & then this on top of it.  After another round of being yelled at & verbally abused yesterday I came home & had a good cry, & I have now called in sick today because of it.  I can completely relate to how you're feeling, I just don't feel like I have the strength to deal with the other issues in my life after this, & feel I really need a damn good (but impossible) break from everything.

I really hope you feel better soon, remember you aren't in this alone & we are all here for you, I know you also have some great support people in your life & I'm sure when you start to come right physically you will feel better within yourself too *hug*.

thank you so much for sharing your expeirnces - i had my LLETZ the same day as you I think 10/8 ? and recognise everyhing you say .

I had a UTI found in my pre- op ( my LLEtz was done under general anasthetic) i was given antibiotics but ufortunately it didn't get rid of the infection so I had to have more antibiotics in theatre - I felt fine the next day but a couple of days later I was so ill I couldn't get out of bed. still had infection so now I'm on my 3rd set of anti biotics in a week and don't feel at all well !! i keep having terrible hot sweats - which is quite funny really as I am also going through the menopause ! 

I feel really weak and have to do a bit of housework & then sit down have a rest and then do a bit more ! i have been getting really angry with myself for being a wimp but thanks to everyone who has told their story I realise that it is not just me !

still have 3 weeks to get results of colposcopy but try not to think of it - trying to get on with things as normal - but it's so hard

am worried about clearing the infection - and more worried about potential bad results - was cin 3 with squamous cells ??!

and HPV before LLETZ so keeping fingers crossed 

am getting no physical or emotional supposrt from my partner - he seems obvlious to me - he has taken no interest at all -

I had abnormal results from my smear and worried for a month before I|told him - only told him as I needed him to drive me to hospital fro LLETZ - he has not read about it , asked me about it or discussed it at all 

I cannot believe it - I'm scared and upset and he ignores me ! 

sorry to moan - thanks for listening - love & best  wishes to all -xx











Hi girls im having trouble replying to this I've been trying to post for days but it keeps saying I am blocked by the spam filter!


ive written a long reply which is replying to all of you and giving you an update but it won't send!

this is a test..... Xxx

Hi everyone thank you for your replies.

Lornie, that sounds good that you've had the 6 month follow up, I'm guessing your margins were clear from your lletz treatment in March?

ElioraArin that sounds awful, have you gone to somebody for help for the bullying? :( That really shouldn't be happening so sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better soon and thank you for your kind words 

Meandmycat I'm sorry to hear your partner is being like that. I think you should ask him to read some information on what you are going through so he understands and really have a good chat with him. My boyfriend is being very good but he does struggle to show his emotions/worry so sometimes I feel slightly alone. Men do struggle with things like this so do try and explain. 

It sounds like you've had a rough time with your infections, bless you. Hope it all clears up soon. 

Well thursday I went to work and started bleeding heavily, I was going through large pads in minutes. My parents picked me up and rushed me to my GP who tried to examine me, but it was coming out so quickly and I was passing large clots so they tried their best to clean me up and I was referred straight to hospital at the emergency gynaecology ward. 

The bleeding slowed off slightly at hospital but they needed to cauterise the wound which was apparently at the neck of my womb and my blood tests luckily showed that I had not lost too much blood. I'm back home now and have bleeding similar to a period with some discomfort. I'm so emotional at the moment and worried that this may happen again. 

(The above was written on Friday, since Thursday I have been off work and tried to rest and yesterday/today done normal every day activities and on return home today I have felt absolutely dreadful feel like I've been punched all over my body and extremely emotional. 

i am not sure if this is normal and im so worried about more time off work etc but normal every day activities are completely wrecking me at the movement. Can't stop crying just want to feel active and healthy and back to normal 


so sorry for the essay 


Hi bunny girl 

Feel so sorry that you are still going through this bad time :-( . It's awful. Took me weeks to feel back to normal again and felt lethargic and emotional too. Yes they found the LLETZ sample to be clear with clear margins. My follow up smear is next month , nerves already kicking in again ! Hope you feel better soon. We are all here for you . 

Also meandmycat, I Can sympathise with you too.. I broke up with my partner about a month before my abnormal smear. He wasn't interested and said he could not support me ..we are kind of ok now but he still isnt bothered :-( really don't think men understand what we go through. Do hope you have supportive family and friends. They will be the ones to get you through this . Xx

Hi everyone *hugs*.

I am so sorry you are having such a hard time Bunny Girl, but so glad that it is all pre cancer when they have such a high chance of getting you well.  You are going through so much & if you need a good cry allow yourself one, sometimes it can really help to relieve some tension & release some negativity so you can find a more positive perspective again.

Meandmycat, definitely don't be hard on yourself! We all need to remember that although LLETZ seems like such a minor proceedure it is actually a surgical proceedure that can take quite a toll on our bodies, especially if we have been really worried beforehand & putting our bodies under additional stress before the LLETZ is even performed.  It's also perfectly normal to worry, thank God for this site & the support we can all give each other in lieu of people in our lives who just don't know how scary & draining it is, or how to handle it!

I have my fingers crossed for all of your results, take care & go easy on yourselves xx