Letter - Referral

Hi all.

Hope all the ladies on here waiting for results get there's soon.

Well after my loop biopsys nearly 3 weeks ago after a high grade d smear result the consultant has written to me to say the biopsys taken did not show any precancerous changes. However in view of the appearance of the cervix they want me to have a second opinion from a consultant at a different larger hospital (Leicester).

It also says I will require treatment based on the abnormal smear which was suggestive of precancerous changes - so pretty positive all in all.

Has anyone else been in a similar boat? I wonder what's causing my cervix to look wrong lol.

Jane xxx


Hi I'm in a similar boat but already had treatment. When I went for my colposcopy the consultant said he could do see anything but because my smear showed abnormal cells he would do treatment anyway which he did. He said smears are very sensitive and accurate xx

Jane which Leics hospital are you at? I'm at the general at the moment had my loop biopsy on the 13th they are taking precautions to make sure they havent missed anything xx

Hi Tash - they are referring me to Leicester Royal. I actually had my colposcopy at Kettering. I'm assuming from what he's said that is a large area to do so will have to be under GA. I think my mind has def been put more at rest due to the biopsys being clear - just a little concerned that the appearance warrants a second opinion - but at least they have moved fairly quickly. Just want to get everything done and dusted. Am hoping I'll get a letter with a fairly quick appointment. 

Royal is good, you'll be fine Hun good luck :) royal is bigger than Kettering isn't it x

Same to you darls. Keep us updated xxx

Will do Hun you too xx