Letter received

hi everyone 

i was lucky enough to come across this forum on the NHS website. I'm really hoping someone can help dampen my fear!

i had a lletz in Feb 2014 for CIN2 & the results were good with outer edges clear. I recently went for my 6 month follow up smear and was referred back to colposcopy with severe dyskaryosis on 26th August. I had another lletz & although worried was hoping a few cells had been left behind last time & thought I would get an all clear result again, however I had a copy of the letter sent to my GP delivered at the weekend that has confused and frightened me! Mainly because I really don't understand what it means! 

The last paragraph says "colposcopic examination revealed total iodine uptake to the cervical os with the squamocolumnar junction within. In order to diagnose and treat performed a lletz biopsy and will write again with the histology and management plan" 

Can anyone tell me what this means please? I'm just wondering if I should prepare myself for the worst! 

Many thanks

Sorry I don't know! But if I were you, id ring the colposcopy clinic and try to talk to the consultant, or call your GP and have a phone consultation with them as they should have a copy of the letter too.

best wishes

I don't know what the iodine bit means but I think that basically describes what she did.  Then the bit at the end means your sample is being sent to be analysed (histology) and when she knows the result they'll decide on how to treat you, if treatment is necessary.

I think that's probably fairly standard?

Libby x

Thank you for replying! I feel better already just by sharing & getting it off my chest! I've decided not to call yet as its only 2 weeks today I had my appointment, so I  no news is good news :) x

Hi Mandrose

I'm really sorry I can't decipher that for you, but what I would say is if you are unsure what the letter means just call your GP.

The receptionist will be able to get a GP to call you back from the surgery and explain over the phone what the letter means, or you could call the colposcopy clinic if you had a LLETZ done in one of those.

Hope you get it sorted out but try not to worry until you know