Letter received to come back in 3 weeks

Hi. I had colposcopy and LLETZ done for CIN3, 3 weeks ago today. This morning I received a letter saying that an appointment has been made for me in the colposcopy clinic for 3 weeks time (the same place I had the colposcopy and LLETZ done) but no mention of what my results were. Like, surely if its cancer, they phone you to come in asap, and if they have removed all the CIN3, they would not want me back for 6 months. So why would they want to see me in 3 weeks? Is it to give me my results? Or is it for a further colposcopy? The doctor did mention at my apt that she would not be doing a 2nd LLETZ, so maybe she has changed her mind? 

Any of you guys asked to come in so soon (but not urgently)?