Letter post LLETZ

I had a colposcopy and LLETZ treatment on the 22nd September, I rang yesterday to see if my results were back, I wasn't expecting them to be as I was told 4-6 weeks. The receptionist advised they were back and were with the doctors and  once she had them I would be sent a letter (she said to expect it next week as it would be sent 2nd class). 

This morning I've received a letter (typed the day after my LLETZ) which states I had a 14mm excision and it has been sent as urgent (31/62). I rang to ask what 31/62 means as all I can find online states it is cancer waiting times and targets. I asked her why it was sent as urgent and are they suspicious of cancer, she wouldn't really give an answer and kept saying it was just marked as urgent and it may have been requested by my GP, which it wasn't as I haven't seen a GP. 

Just wondered if anyone else has had this? I've just started University as a children's nurse and just want to know what is going on, any replies would be apppreciated x