Letter just saying abnormal results!?

Hi I’m new here but looking for some advice. I’m 36 mother of 3. Always got my smears on time since I was about 24…always have come back fine with no worries. So early 2019 I started having unusual discharge, no odder but it looked more yellow/ pale greenish even. I have so many swabs go back with no infection showing, I have had pain in my pelvic region and slight spotting…very slight and only once or twice. So I got a letter end of jan saying I saw due for my smear, booked and had it done 2/2022…I had a feeling something was odd as I normally have my results within 2/3 weeks and it was over 6 weeks and still nothing…anyway last Saturday my results came and it said…”your test has shown abnormal results which needs further investigation at a colposcopy clinic” it didn’t mention HPV…just that!? I am in wales so I don’t know if that’s why!?

I’m actually booked in to see a private gyno in 2 days due to my ongoing issues and 2 movable lumps that I have had since 2016 (seen gp and another gyno previously about them with no answers to what they are…one mentioned lipoma) so I was worried before this came back and I’m in a state of absolute panic, I feel sick with worry

Sorry for the long post ladies x

Hi I’m in Wales too. My letter was exactly the same. When I went to the colposcopy clinic I was told I had CGIN. I had a Lletz under GA 2 weeks later. I then waited 6 weeks for my results and I had clear margins. Just had my test of cure and all clear. Another smear in 12 months. It’s a lot to take on I know. One of the things that helped me was knowing that I was in the best hands. The waiting was awful but this site was great with lots of answers. Hope that helps. Get in touch if you need more information.

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Thanks for your reply! What is CGIN? Sorry I’m not clued up with all of this🤦🏼‍♀️ I thought they only tested for HPV since 2018? My 2019 smear showed no HPV so my cells weren’t tested! I’m so worried, I can’t sleep and its really affecting my mental health (suffer with anxiety and a panic disorder as it is) so this has me in a mess! I have with my husband since I was 20 and I can’t understand it all! How can it’s say I’m negative for HPV 3 years ago but now I have abnormal results? Glad yours is all sorted now! Such a worry isn’t it! I’m in North wales btw.

Also how long did you have to wait for your colposcopy appointment after having your results? Xx

Hi @Worried2 I am in Wales too. I think the results letters saying ‘abnormal result’ and nothing more send a lot of people into panic. I think in England they give more info (but I’m sure it still panics people because of course it is scary).

When I got my results letter I rang Cervical Screening Wales (contact numbers depending on your region on this page - https://phw.nhs.wales/services-and-teams/cervical-screening-wales/contact-cervical-screening-wales/) and they were so helpful. They have specialist nurses who will schedule a call with you. They can’t necessarily explain any more about your result, but can talk you through the process and were super lovely.

When I got to my colposcopy appointment they told me that my smear showed CIN3. Also when I was waiting for my biopsy results, my GP was able to see details on the system before letters were sent out via snail mail, so it’s definitely worth asking your GP to check the system and give you as much info as possible, if that’s what you want (some people don’t and that’s not a bad thing at all!).

I only waited a 5 days between my smear results letter and colposcopy appointment, but I’m pretty sure that was because I had CIN3- in England and Wales (I don’t know about Scotland) they have to see suspected CIN3 cases at the clinic within 2 weeks. So if they’re taking a bit longer for you, then hopefully you don’t have severe cell changes.

Best of luck, try not to worry, you are not alone xx


My letter also said abnormal I’m Northern Ireland. I used to live in England and they actually classified it and told me what strain of HPV was positive. I presumed it was just another borderline but after several phonecalls to GP and colposcopy clinic I was finally sent a letter saying it’s severe. I almost had a heart attack although I know smear results can be even worse than this. Luckily at coposcopy the consultant was able to say things looked much better than the smear indicated and I didn’t need lletz. The biopsy confirmed mild-moderate changes rather than severe. I’m just praying this doesn’t get any worse.

I’m in Wales. When you have your smear, it’s checked for HPV. If you are HPV negative, that’s classed as ‘normal’. If you are HPV positive, they look to see if you have abnormal cells. If you are HPV positive with no abnormal cells, you result will say HPV positive, repeat smear 1year. If you are HPV positive with abnormal cells, your result comes back as ‘abnormal’,and you will receive a colposcopy appointment. If your abnormal cells are low grade, your wait for a colposcopy appointment will be slightly longer than someone with CIN 2/3. Hope this makes sense!



Your story could be my own… but mine started last Thursday with a letter stating “abnormal” only. Im also in Wales.

What happened with you in the end?

Hope it all turned out ok.

Im in anxiety hell whilst I wait for my colposcopy appointment now.

I live in Wales and my letter just stated abnormal. It’s not a good letter, but to have such little info on it makes it a million times worse!!
I phoned cervical screening wales and they judge been amazing, so had the service in the clinic. If you want to ask any more questions please ask as I know this is the most scary thing to go through. Honestly tho it’s so so common.

I’m also in Wales. My letter also said abnormal and it was only when I went to the clinic they told me it was CGIN. I had a Lletz under general anaesthetic. Waited 7 long weeks for the results. No cancer and have just had my 6 months Test of cure. All clear.

Hi Jem,

Sorry! I didn’t see your response til now.

Yes, Cervical Screening Wales have been amazing! I emailed them last night and the Nurse rang me this morning and was able to go through my smear results. She said I was high risk HPV positive with low grade cell changes. The colposcopy will tell me more I imagine, but I feel better knowing that now.

How are you getting on?

I’m so glad you had the all clear! That’s great news!

The cervical screening wales Nurse told me today that in the next few months they’re changing the wording of the letters to include more information.

I went on Monday for my second colposcopy and it was a much better experience, maybe because I was more prepared.
When they had a look the nurse said it still looks like CIN 1, that is what my biopsy read last time, they took another smear if that comes back not showing HPV then she will see me in three years for a smear, if it comes back still showing HPV then we will also see what the biopsy this time is showing? If it’s CIN 1 then she will see me in a year as they do not treat CIN 1. If it’s reading CIN 2-3 then I will have the treatment. It really does depend on how conservative you want to be? You are going to be fine xxxx