letter from hospital

hi everyone im 22 and had a colposcopy in october due to spotting inbetween periods and some times after sex, anyway had a colposcopy and biopsy then had results 

cin2 so had letz treatment well its been 6 weeks a just recieved a letter it says this: 

i now have to hand the results of your recent treatment in the colposcopy clinic. as your result is showing less abnormality than expected i am asking my colleagues to review your case. we shallbe in touch with you as soon as possible with an update. i stress that this is nothing to worry about.  


does this mean i could of gone through this treatment when infact i didnt need to?  

thanks ladies much love xxx

Hi Tasha,

That is a rather confusing letter, maybe you could try calling them in a week or so to see if they have an update?

I guess it's sometimes hard to tell how bad something is until you start examining the whole thing in detail. I guess over treatment is a possibility, but personally i wouldn't have taken the risk with CIN 2.

I suppose it is good news that it doesn't appear to look worse than expected. 


The fact it says there is nothing to worry about is a great sign. I imagine the results have come back as CIN 1 which they like to leave. Be happy it's over for you x

Well this all sounds exactly like extremely GOOD news to me

Be happy!