Letter from hospital

So had LLetz 2 weeks ago and last week I received a letter from the hospital, not results just a copy of the letter which the nurse who gave the treatment sent to my GP to inform her of the procedure. The letter mentioned that “the treatment went uneventfully” knowing that she found and removed a polyp so I’m guessing if she hasn’t mentioned it it probably was nothing to worry about? She also wrote that “ the patient is aware she now has to attend smear tests every 6 months”, how could she know for sure that I won’t have to go every 3 months for example? Shouldn’t she wait for my results first? for the history, my smear showed CIN2 but the colcoscopy/biopsy showed CIN1. They still recommended I have the treatment because they didn’t believe the biopsy result. What are the chances of my lletz results being CIN3 or worse, early stage cancer? Anyone had any similar experience?

I’m sure there’s a chance but I wouldn’t worry too much since you were CIN1/CIN2.  My biopsy showed CIN2/CIN3 but my leep/lletz came back as CC stage 1a1.  Sending positive thoughts your way. 

Thank you, I hope so!