Letter from Consultant, what does it mean?

Hi all,

firstly a very big hug to all the ladies on here who may be going through uncertain times, as I am. This forum has been so, so helpful and I take my hat off to you all. Thank god for this support when you don't know who to turn to.

Up to last week, I've not had any issues - regular smears, no call backs or abnormalities.

i had a letter back which showed I had severe dyskaryosis and I would need colposcopy Whic I've had done.

I've had a letter today saying the colposcopy has confirmed an area of dense acetowhite mosaicism with abnormal vessels, that I will need further treatment which will be discussed at my next visit.

Has anybody else had this - what is it?


Hi i didnt want to read and run and knowing that you are going away on holiday must be worrying for you. 

Having just done the dreaded google on "dense acetowhite mosaicism with abnormal vessels" it sounds like the posh way of saying a dense area of CIN cells whtether these be 1,2,or 3only the consultant will be able to tell you. However, Google could be worng and putting myself in your shoes I would ring up and ask for someone to explain to you what this letter means so that you can enjoy your holiday without worrying. 


Good luck and I wish you all the best. 

Thank you Charlie, I'm going to ring the nurse omorrow and will ask the nurses there to explain in simple terms what it means. I'm sure once its nothing to worry about but it was not helpful to get this letter! Thanks again xxx

I had letter waiting for me when I got back off my hols...letter simply states that the biopsy confirmed I had CIN 3 and that I would need treatment.

No mention of what the treatment would be.

Thinking about Leep/Cone - I think I will ask for the Cone. The main reason being I do have a job which has lots of traveling and i can't afford to keep taking time off from work. I would much rather have a thorough look round and have peace of mind that the consultant has got everything. I'm worried that the Leep won't get 'clear margins' and that I'd have to go through the process all over again. 

Is this something you can request? I am having this done privately and not on the NHS so hoping the consultant will take my living away from home/travel and job into consideration.