Letter from consultant after biopsy results

Hi everyone just wondering if any had had letters from consultant after biopsy results? It's scared me a bit as I dnt no what to expect my appointment next Friday :( just thought if it's nothing to worry bout they would of told me in the letter????? Thanks Sarah xxxxxxxx

Hi Hun, what does the letter say? I have a follow up apt in two weeks but it is to check on my lump in groin. when did you have biopsy maybe it is to discuss what they have found and what treatment they can offer you. If it was me I would phone Monday and ask to speak to the doctor you have every right to do that. Don't worry yourself till Friday you will be a nervous wreck. 

Alison x

Hi ALisbon thanku for replying xxxx the letter just says that they have noticed changes and would like to discuss results I phone a few weeks back n they were no use n stil non the wiser on what's happening !!! Silly really as like u say I am a nervous wreck lol xxxxxxx

Have you had a Lletz or just biopsy?

Just a biopsy so far!!! Xxx

Just a biopsy so far!!! Xxx

Well I bet it 's about what treatment they will offer you, I would still call on Monday as they know more now. Take it from me always ask no point in worrying. Me waiting on Lletz results and mammo on Monday to see if I'm still cancer free ( breast cancer) 

I hope evertthing goes ok for you xxxxxxxx thanku for ur advice wil give them another ring xxxxxxxx

Hi lv hope your ok I had biopsis done on the 12th nov and I got a letter saying I am cin 3 and they want to see me Tuseday for a view to treatment so u letter sound a bit like mine but word it different so they may say to u do u won't  loop or wait n Woch for six month I hope all goes well hunni big hugs xx 

Thanku for replying I hope everything on Tuesday goes ok just abit weir that they haven't told me jist to bring someone with me !!! Eeekkk 

thank you and i hope it gose ok for you plz let us no xxx

It could probably be to offer treatment..I had colposcopy, biopsy taken and lletz all the same time...For wat she thinks was cin 2/3 ..maybe they seeing if u want lletz xx

Hopefully just want it over n done with now just waiting to know what these biopsy results r is driving me crazy lol I'm just glad ill no on Friday xxxxx