Lets say thank you jos.

Hi everyone 

jos has been a fantastic help to me throughout diagnosis and treatment and these times post treatment.

i wanted to do something to raise awareness and raise a little money to say thankyou.

after speaking with fran from jos on Wednesday I ordered

 15 pin badges @ £1. Each that's for my family and friends. Some have given more than the £1

 so will be passing the extra money to jos. if we all did this to raise abit of money to say thankyou to this site I wonder how much we would raise / every little helps and also waiting for my posters to arrive ready to put up in a number of places ready for next week.

lets all pull together and do a bit.

wishing everyone good health and let's raise some money to say Thank you to jos...

Great idea Helen, thanks for that!




The pin badges are a great idea.  I set up a monthly  direct debit some time ago, its only a small amount that I don't miss but builds to a good amount in a year.

Can honestly say I don't know what I would have done without Jo's.



Hi Everyone

Jo's has been invaluable to me. Another way to say your thanks is to join the #SmearForSmear campaign on social media and get the word out. 

I am also donating proceeds from Phoenix cards this month


Sorry to be a klutz :-/ Where can I find these pin badges?

Hi Tivoli.


:) x

Cheers sweetie :-)

And congratulations on your first clear result! You must be chuffed to bits!



thanks a lot :)