lets meet

Hiya just a quickie are we supposed to receive tickets for the lets meet?

C xxxxxxxx

Hiya no you just turn up lovey xxxx :wink:

thank you, was just abit worried cause i registered a while ago and thought maybe something had got lost in the post. Somedays my post doesnt arrive until 4pm!!!

C xxxxxxx

oooooooooooooohhhhhhh bless ya

cant wait for lets meet can you lot see ya all soon

love always debi x

hello ladies,

i am hoping my boss will not be heartless and will let me take this day as leave so i can come along. how does it work? i registered and i just show up and then what? will someone see me looking lost and say hello?

Laura x


I just noticed you talking about the Lets Meet. I have contacted everyone by email (where possible) today and I am sending letters out today for those whose email we do not have. If you have not heard from us by Wednesday, please let us know and I will send you the agenda for the day, plus map and details of how to get there.

See you soon

Jo’s Trust

Hi Sue,

Yes, I got the email today. Still off work so haven’t badgered the boss yet, but am optomistic that I will be able to meet some of you ladies there.

Thanks for sending the bits through…