'Lets Meet' even further up North!

Hello one and all!

I’d love to get together with the some of the fantastic people who’ve offered me some real support and advice - living in the North East, I’d need a compass and a weeks rations to get to Twickenham (only kidding!) and even Liverpool’s a bit of a journey. Is there anybody who lives ‘really’ up north who fancies getting together for pizza & wine? (or tea & biscuits - I’m not really fussy!) I have a good freind who manages a hotel in the centre of Newcastle so I can get a bit of a deal for anyone who’d like to make a night/weekend of it. :lol:

Do let me know…

Hope everyone is keeping well. Take care! :smiley:

Love Linz
xx xx xx

hi linz

newcastle would be good for me. i dont live to far aware so would be manageable. wud be nice to meet some of those whpo’ve replied to my posts and who ive given advice to. :smiley:

i should be ok for mid july :slight_smile:

I’d love to join you too, even though I don’t get on here much!

I’m half way between Sunderland and Durham so Newcastle isn’t too bad for me.


hi all,

come on, surely theres more of us up north who cant make the meets down south??

hi all,

just thought id mention that this may be moved to sunday 5th rather than the sat the 4th august.

anyone able to get to it?

wi eye man

id love to come to newcastle from leeds count me in xxx

love debi x

just wanted to see which date everyone whos comning would prefer, the 4th or 5th of august, and if any1 had corinnes number so can tx her about it as her pc’s broken. pm me if you’ve got it.


ok girls,

it seems sunday the 5th is gonna be best for this 1 so will pm those who replied before with my number so can arrange time and place to meet.
anyone else who wants to come along can pm me your numbers too b ut will post ok jos time etc so anyone else just feel free to turn up if you can.

see you all soon :smiley:

ok all,

the meet is sundat the 5th august at 1pm at the gate in newcastle near eldon square.

meeting just inside the building and going on from there. anyone going pm me so we know how many to wait for.

looking forward to seeing those who are coming along :smiley:
cant wait to meet you all :smiley:


Is everyone still okay with eating at ‘Ask’? It’s the fab Italian Restaurant on the top floor of The Gate. I doubt it’ll be busy but I can always book a table just to be on the safe side. Let me know…

Hope everyone’s well - see you on Sunday :lol:


hey hun,

any foods good with me :lol:


hi girlies,

linz, corinne, pauline,

was so nice to finally meet you all today. despite feeling yuk cos of the tropical temp (!!) i had fun and we soooooo need to do it again. :smiley:
def cheered me up after a rough few weeks :smiley: thanks girlies :smiley:


My sentiments entirely!!

Wherever we decide to go, I shall be taking a hand held fan though, just in case… The Baileys was just too easy to drink - I knew I should have got a double!!

See you all soon - thanks for a lovely afternoon!! :lol:

Love Linz
xx xx xx

i sooooooo agree. we were in newcastle not hawaii!! lol. no need for a fan, we can just use the desert menus again!! heehee

mmmmm … baileys. but, could you tell wine and tirimisu are my weaknesses?? :lol:


(i swear, i am working on my dissertation too. just in case you feel inclined to tell me off too. lol)