lets meet 2009

Hi everyone

Has the 2009 lets meet been decided yet i.e. date and location

I know a LOT of women work so cant make it when its a week day - can it be suggested that its a weekend and a date that people can vote on so that the majority can go???

just a suggestion??

love Jo x x x

sorry I meant to post this on the social forum


I REALLY want to come this year, I’ve been a member here since July 2006 and still haven’t met anyone!! A weekend would be great for me too.



The Lets Meet this year will be on Saturday 12th September (subject to confirmation) in London, and the Walk for Life will be on Sunday 13th September…

I am badgering Robert to confirm everything so we can all start making travel plans etc, so will keep everyone posted.


Poor Rob - I’m badgering him too!!


I have been badgering him too



I would so love to meet someone in my position. I am really not coping speakin to healthy people all the time. Although I feel fit I know I have to fasce this demon insite me and there is noone around here suffering like me according to my GP, speaiclist nurse etc. How can I be the only one when there are so many waiting to be operated on?
I feel so alone.
Where are the others?
I would so love to hear from someone.
Fed up with people quoting confidentiality at me. I don’t mind who contacts me…
Please help me someone out there.

Please let me know if there is a get together. So so wish to meet others.
Am also having problems using this site so any help much appreciated
PS is this a public or private message? Not sure how to do the forum bit

Hi love…this is a public forum.
The messages that you have posted can be seen by everyone/general public and Jo’s Trust members, so dont give any personal info out.
If you would like to send a personal message to anyone of the members u can do too.
For general help and advice, log in and post a ‘new topic’ in the Lets Meet section.
Lots of love x x

Hi everyone.

There is a Lets Meet on 12th Sept in Holburn, London… Please register your interest by clicking on the logo on the notice board (right hand side of screen).

As its the 10th anniversary, we will be also having a party in the evening, so it will be great if lots of you turn up.

These events are a great way of meeting others in similar circumstances, and of course enjoying a social evening and having a few laughs. Bonds made at the Lets Meet are strong and lifetime friendships are made.

Hope that you can all make it.


I am also looking forward to our 10yr anniversary celebrations

The lets meet followed by a LETS PARTY :smiley: followed by a Walk for Fun!


M x

hey guys ive just tried to register but it didnt say it been succesful have i done it right lol…got time off work so hopefully nothing will stop me coming this time :slight_smile: xxx

Kaz did you email the form back to them? You need to save it, fill it in and then save again and email it to them. You’ll get an email back in a day or two.

Looking forward to seeing you xxx

errrrrrrrrrr no i didnt lol…thanks hun will do it now looking forward to seeing you to hope your well x


I am coming now too… I am sooooo looking forward to meeting up with everyone. Fantastic Kaz. Dead pleased that you are coming.