Let the treatment commence!!

Well today is the first day of my treatment. I woke up feeling slightly nervous but that was soon out the window on the drive to the hospital.

I got seen straight away at chemo at 9am no problems finding a vein as that has been a problem in the past. The steroid injection didn’t cause any discomfort. I had cisplatin then some magnesium then some potassium. Took 4 hours and 5 minutes all together. I had about 6 trips to the toilet but I can take the machine with me so no problems there!

I took my husband with me and we was all chatting to the family in the seat next to me. It was all very relaxed and pleasant.

After my chemo I went and booked on for next week and walked down to radio. I already had a full bladder so was allowed in straight away and had my blast of radio. Checked my time for tomorrow and off I went.

All in all I was there for 5 and a bit hours and drove myself there and back. I don’t feel any different just a bit of a heavy arm.


Great start

Thrown in at the deep end with chemo and radiotherapy on the very first day.  

Keep us all posted x x 

Your doing well :) I am a 2b like you and on my 4th week of chemoradiation xxx

My hb blood count was low at 85. I don't know what that means. I can only put that down to blood loss. 

Hi Lozypezz i just wanted to wish you all the best with your treatment Philleepa is right you were thrown in at the deepend with Chemo on first day. it sounds like you managed it great thank you for sharing your experience with us I havent started my treatment yet. I will be cheeering you on lots of Hugs xxxxxx

I feel absolutely fine. Don't feel any different. I have steroids and anti sickness tablets to take as of tomorrow. 

im going to ask about some tablets to stop the bleeding tomorrow as it may help with my blood count 


thanks for your kind words x

Are you still bleeding heavily? Has it been constant since December?  

I was told that the tablets only really work if it's menopausal bleeding. I took norethisterone and it took about 3 weeks to stop. There's also one called trans something. Might be tranxe something. 

I know people sometimes have transfusions if their count is low so that could be an option ? They're not as scary as you might think and you feel better after x 

You may struggle sleeping tonight due to your steroids but I found I slept well (just not for long periods of time ). Also make sure you take your last lot of steroids before 6pm otherwise you'll be up all night.

Lastly,  I had my chemo on Wednesdays and on the Sunday I just wanted to sleep. The nurse said that's because the steroids were out of my body by then. You might get your tiredness on a Friday  x 

Keep us informed  x 

I think I have had 2 weeks rest with the bleeding since November. Can't hurt to ask. 

Yea transfusion was mentioned yesterday I'm fully expecting one next week. Surprised they didn't yesterday.

Well its 4:20 and I've been up for half an hour!! Slept well but up ridiculously early! may take steroid with an afternoon snack today!! 

Just here to wave a little flag and cheer you along :-)

Be lucky :-)

Thank you Tivoli. 

Treatment done for day two. No delays straight in and out. Even managed to call in at work for an hour. Feeling good. 



Hi Lozypezz good to hear your treatment went well for you today. I was prescribed Tranexamic acid to stop the bleeding and they work after about an hour I was on 6 a day then went down to 3 and now i just take them when i need them. I was bleeding for over a year as they thought i was going through the menapause and my HB was really low i took 3 iron tablets a day they really helped. The only thing is they can constipate you so i took Senakot I went from taking no tablets to taking 13 unlucky for some lol  Make sure you let your team know if you are struggling with anything they will be happy to help. I will be thinking about you lots of love xxxxxx 

Hi Lozleypezz, I'm a stage 2b as well, I was diagnosed last October and finished my treatment just before Christmas, I had 25 radiotherapy, 6 chemo and 3 brachytherapy. I bled heavily on and off for 3 months before diagnosis and in the end was given tranexamic acid which stopped the bleeding. I also had problems with my blood, I had a low blood count but every week it was just about ok for my treatment apart from the last week when I was to have brachytherapy and I had to have a transfusion. I got through my treatment much better than I thought I would and still managed to get out and about. I'm now 7 weeks post treatment and feel quite well but I am struggling emotionally and scared what the results will be which I should find out at the end of March. Wishing you well with your treatment. Mel xx


I was diagnosed 2b Nov 25th 2015 and finish my treatment tomorrow!! 30 Radiotherapy & 6 Chemo, Bracytherapy cancelled. My results will be May so a testing time ahead but time to heal, recuperate & enjoy life.

Any help I can be to you I will, Chemo made me feel sick most of the time so tried lots of different anti-sickness, found e-mends helped which 1 of the nurses suggested. As Philleepa says, steroids can stop you sleeping so I just slept when my body needed to & watched alot of rubbish tv diring the early hours. For some reason most people get the runs but I went the opposite & don't give anything away for free so although I was given the usual medicinal products which I have tried all, Prunes & Lactulose are proving to be the best for me. 

The help I have received off the Ladies on here has been invaluable & no question asked is wrong or stupid. TMI doesn't apply either lol.

I wish you luck on your journey xx 

Melanie Louise Jones- survived & out the other side of treatment,  Well done you!! : ) xx

 I too am dreading the 3 month wait and am already having to have private words with myself to stay calm. How are you finding family/people around you are dealing with this space of time when all the manic treaemt & hospital visits have finished? Did you get any feedback about how your Chemoradiation or Bracytherapy had affected the cancer before you finished completely? I saw my consultant Tues for a quick 'Hi how's symptoms, bowels, sickness??' 'See you in 6wks at local hospital for check up of symptoms agian then scan in 3mths.....results!! 

Take care & no doubt chat again soon xx



Thanks for the advice ladies. 

Thats day three done. I hadn't drank enough water for I had to go out and have some more then back in. 

No terrible symptoms as of yet still feel normal. I'm hoping to go out with the girls tonight. Just have to see how i feel xx

Brilliant. I am so impressed that you are planning to go out. I've kept myself hidden away. 

Well I didn't make it out. terrible sickn started about half an hour before i wanted to leave. Leaving me going to bed at 7:15 And only just woken up now!!! 

Hope your day has been good today X 

Hi Lozleypezz I hope your feeling better just wanted to wish you all the best for next weeks treatment. lots of love xx

Hi Lozleypezz,

Just thought I'd check how things are going for you?

I started my treatement on the 8th and except for some tiredness and a lil bit of a stubborn bowel, have felt okay so far.

Hope your feeling good x