Less than 2 days to go......

Hi Ladies

Well, it's less than 2 days to go now and boy, will I be glad when it's over.  Went out today to get the last few bits needed (bigger jog bottoms - not that I'll be doing much jogging, lol!!).  We intended to go somewhere nice for lunch but ended up at Macdonalds - we know how to live don't we!!  It went down quite well but I couldn't eat all mine which has got to be a first!

Came out with some nasty mouth ulcers last night and have been taking paracetamol and rinsing with antiseptic mouth wash to try and get the swelling down.

Have the Picolax day tomorrow and will do the last bit of housework in between sitting on the loo and getting my bag packed ready.  Also plan to have a few sessions with my relaxation cd's to try and calm me down!

Due to stay in 5 nights and keep trying to focus on this time next week I will be back home - with wind, constipation and green socks by the sound of it!!

Will be taking my tablet in with me so will try and post when I'm feeling a bit better.



Mcdonald s???? Oh dear oh dear oh dear.... wheres the glass of wine? The pudding?? Nevermind...

As for mouth ulcers, I think out bodies like to rebel- I wasin bed for two days and on antibiotics with bad cold weekend before my op! Like to make us worry the op will be cancelled so we're pleased when it happens! !

Make sure u dont go too far from the loo tomorrow!  Perhaps treat urself to a sharing bag of Maltesars all to urself- well, they won't stay very long in ur body lol!

Xxx dons

Hi Cheryl,

Good luck with your op - you are having it on my birthday!  I have my op booked for 23rd of Oct.  Kind of looking forward to it in a weird way as i just want them to get it out of me.  I have been a bag of nerves since being diagnosed.  I will look forward to hearing your experience on here - any hints and tips would be greatly appreciated.

Wishing you all the very best for tuesday.

Joanne x x x

Lots of luck Cheryl. Il be thinking of you and looking out for any updates. 

All the best



Good luck Cheryl :)

I had such sore mouth ulcers about a week after the surgery, I think it must be a stress reaction!


Thank you ladies for all your comments - your support always makes me feel stronger and more positive.xx

Thank you Joanne.  Hope you have a wonderful birthday on Tuesday and yes, of course I will let you know of any hints and tips as I experience them.xx

Must admit I do love Maltezers!  Can't have any red wine though and that's my favourite - it's on the forbidden Picolax list! :-( xx

Good Luck Cheryl! I am going in tonight as I am first on the list tomorrow morning. Can't believe after all the months of tests today is finally here. I am a bag of nerves this morning but just one last push. Got to have ECG and bloods done tonight oh and they are going to give me something to clear me out - that should be fun. xx

Good luck to you too Laura!  That's good being first on the list in the morning - just think it will be over by the time I go down for mine.  Like you, I am a bag of nerves and can only imagine what I will be like in the morning but we have come so far so just need to push ourselves a little bit more.

Let's be kind to ourselves today and try and think of nice things.  I have just taken my first sachet of Picolax so it will be an active day for me running up to the loo!!! xx

Good luck!! Almost there now and then you'll be able to focus on getting yourself back to you :) Also good luck with the picolax! It took a few hours for it to kick in... But wow did I feel skinny afterwards ;) Take care and stay strong xx

Thanks Em. Took my first picolax just before 8am and have been 4 times since then!!!! (you really wanted to know that didn't you!)

Not feeling very strong at the moment, need to try and relax but it feels nigh on impossibe at the mo. xx

I know exactly how you are feeling, just rang the ward and my bed is available so can go in about 4. Trying to relax but it is just not happening. Had the first of my enhanced recovery drinks. Just thinking this time tomorrow I am in recovery mode. See you on the other side xxx

Good luck Laura, keeping everything crossed for the both of us.  I haven't been given any of those enhanced recovery drinks - guess it is different at different hospitals.  Hope you get some sleep tonight. Take care, lots of hugs.xxx

Hi Cheryl, hope everything went okay. I came out of hospital Saturday morning. Drs were really pleased the way everything went just got to wait on the results now. Just been for my first walk around the block, it's chilly but felt great having fresh air xx