Lesions in my cervix

Hello, guys. 


You can call me Piper. I'm 23 years old (24 in April).

I had two sexual partners in my life, one of them gave me Herpes but nothing else happened. 

Today I did my cervical screening, and just by looking at my cervix the doctor said I had a lesion and that was big, but treatable. Then she sent me to the ultrasound room and I did a transvaginal ultrasound. The result was "normal". I never had any bleedings or common symptons.


I'm waiting for the screening results, but I'm terrified because she saw the lesion with the naked eye. 


I'm so young, I never had children, I'm graduating this year and I can't stop crying because I'm so afraid :( 

edit: By the way, I live in Brazil and here every woman 18+ can do the test for free. 

Hi Piper :-)

Sorry to hear that you are so afraid. Please try to take comfort from the fact that the ultrasound showed nothing, that means that whatever the doctor saw with her naked eye isn't too bad nor out-of-control. I don't think it is all that unusual for lesions to be visible to the naked eye so try not to stress too much. I wonder, do you have to wait as long for results in Brazil as people do in Britain? I'm in Greece where we get our results very quickly. I guess we just have more staff in the labs here.

Be lucky :-)


Hey Tivoli :) 

Thank you so much for replying to my neurotic post hahahaha. A friend of mine suggested that I read this forum instead of googling like crazy and I must say, you all are amazing women, not only for your kindness and support, but for your courage. 

I think I needed a good night of sleep and I'm feeling relatively better. I think I freaked out because my grandmother died of cancer last year (colon cancer) and it was very traumatizing. I'll get the smear results next Tuesday (did the physical exam yesterday). 

And the results' time are variable here. It depends of how urgent your condition is and your health insurance system of choice. If you use our public health system and you had a smear test, it could take 2 weeks for the result because it's not considered as an emergency like Dengue (very common here), Meningitis, or infectious tropical diseases. If you pay for the exame privately or have a good health insurance (fortunately, my case) it takes 5 days max. In my case I'll have to wait until Tuesday because in the weekend everything is on recess (except very urgent services). 

Hi Piper :-)

Nothing at all neurotic in your post :-) Glad to know you have only a short wait for test results.

Sorry to hear about your Grandmother. Witnessing cancer first hand is always a scary experience.

Let us know how you get on.

Be lucky :-)


I have a lesion on my cervix for years.  It was a cervical erosion.  Visable by the nakes eye.  Was nothing.

Hey guys, thank you for everything. Got my results back today and it's clear! Not a single thing there. Doctor said the lesion was probably due to the pill (I'm 23 and I'm on the pill since I'm 15). 

She called me out for spending 3 years without doing a smear, specially because I have a historic of cancer in my family, I'm on the pill, I'm sexually active, and my ex-boyfriend was promiscuous and his new girlfriend had lesions due to HPV. But so far I'm alright. Next year we'll see. 

I think this is valuable advice for myself and for people who wait too long. I was terrified of doing the smear and that's why I didn't do it for years. I was lucky this time, but we can't count on luck when it comes to our health. 

I'd still like to participate in the forums, though. I learned a lot in the last week and I think you all are amazing. 

Hey Piper that's great news!

Do stay and hang around here, it's great to have some good and encouraging stories as well as having people from all around the world. You never know, maybe one day this site will be truly international :-)

Sorry I didn't spot this sooner, I'm on my world tour (snigger)

Be lucky