Lesions found just by GP looking!

Hi' I'm new to these pages and was after some advice. I had a UTI in May and took antibiotics, two days in I had thrush symptoms (niggles, itchiness, a weird 'bubble' trapped sensation)so after spending over £50 on canesten, a clear swab for thrush and BV and more trips to the doctor, on Friday the GP had a good look and said she could see a lesion on my cervix and I'm now waiting for a colposcopy appointment as an urgent referal :(

i had moderate changes on a smear around 15 years ago but have been fine since. I ha had mid cycle spotting but thought it could be ovulation spotting (although I've not had it before and I'm 37 with 2 kids 8&6). Plus sometimes sex is uncomfortable in my pelvis but not always.

just wondered if anyone else has been referred based on something like this and not smear results? I'm quite nervous :(