Lesbian with CIN3

Hi guys,


I have done alot of reading on this forum but today I actually joined. 


I am a lesbian, I'm 30. 11 years ago my first girlfriend discovered she had CIN3 not long after we got together. I remember asking the doc at the time could hpv be passed to me and the doc told me no there was no way, I was safe. I've had about 5 smears since then and every one came back borderline. Until my last one in 2019 which was abnormal. The only reason I went for this smear was after I met my partner in march 2019 the first time we had sex I bled all over the bed. I went for a colposcopy and was told I had CIN3. I had the LLETZ procedure in October 2019. I was to have a follow up colposcopy in April 2020 but that was cancelled due to covid. 


My partner has been battling an underactive thyroid for the last year so our sex life had taken a back seat until now. The last 2 times wev had sex I've bled. I'm booked in for a smear 2 days from now and I'm considering cancelling it because I would really rather not know if something is wrong. 


Part of me wants to believe I've been bleeding after sex because it had been around a year since we had any, but I've also been having bloody discharge between periods for the past 5 months so most of me is thinking my CIN3 is back.


I had no idea hpv was so easily transmitted between lesbians so now I'm really worried for my partner cuz she has an underactive thyroid so her body won't be able to fight it off as well as a healthy person. I feel so ashamed and disgusted with myself for even catching this to start with.


Has anyone else had a similar problem with CIN3 recurring?

Hi Feather90,

 I have read your post and I am not experienced in any way but it struck a cord with me as I have vaginal bleeding too.

I saw my GP this morning and she referred me to the gynae department and I am awaiting an appointment. I was admitted into hospital just over a week ago for a bowel obstruction and I had a CT scan which only showed scar tissue and nothing ominous (thank you) and my GP confirmed this again to me this morning, also my blood tests came back as great. I am taking my hope from those, however I worry and I stress myself out.

I have a fistula (down below) which leaks all of the time and I get a discharge, so maybe you could speak to your GP and ask about that? Please don't feel disgusted with yourself about getting this, it's not your fault. Be kind to yourself, as you deserve it.

Sending you love and good vibes,

Hi Lisa Cardiff,


I'm sorry for the late reply, its been a hectic few weeks. I'm also really sorry to hear what u have been through, I hope all works out well for you in the end.


My smear results came back. No abnormal cells but I do have high risk hpv so they want me to go for another colposcopy, just waiting on the app letter.


I've decided to go on vegan, I've been doing so much research and I'm horrified to learn the shit they put in our food and what it does to us. Fruit, veg and water is the only way forward from what I can gather.


Thank you for taking the time to respond to me, I really hope u get to the bottom of your bleeding 





Hi there guys! Hope you are doing good.

How was your Colposcopy? What is the result and what did the doctor advised? Also, I'm curious if being vegan could help. 


I have read your post and I am not experienced in any way but it struck a cord with me as I have vaginal bleeding too.