Leitz procedure

So 2 weeks ago I had the leitz procedure done. I was told from last year borderline changes it has gone to cin3 one year later.
Well it’s been 2.5 weeks now and I have just had a letter. I opened the letter with hesitation and when I read it, the letter was just explaining what I had done, and he will write to me when my results become avaliable.
Is this normal, now I’m worried as it’s been a while that there maybe something wrong.

Hi hope you’re doing okie and healing well. I found looking on my nhs app and the hospital I attended patient portal great for info saw all the letter the hospital sent my gp and my results. My results were back around 2/3 weeks and then had to go to mdt meeting to be discussed. I wouldn’t worry about that letter as the drs seem to be very slow at writing them ones up anyway. So you’ll either find out soon fingers crossed or your results might be abit longer if there’s any thing they have to discuss at an mdt meeting (this might happen considering the quick change to cin3) then that’s when they seem to take ages hopefully you won’t have too much longer to wait. X