Leg tingling and weakness

Hi all

Wondered if anybody had any advice. Finished treatment in March 2015. From approx. May 2015 I stated getting tingling in my legs and feet. At first it was manageable and didn’t really bother me. However from around Oct it has got worse to the point where it is affecting my balance and I don’t feel safe on my feet. I did speak to my consultant in october who confirmed it was nerve damage and hopefully it would get better but no guarantees!! My feet are constantly numb and to top it off I am also getting weakness in my right leg. I am walking using a crutch and just going up the stairs seems a chore.

has anybody experienced similar? any advice?

Sorry if this seems a bit small fry compared to what some people are going through and I know I should be grateful for my all clear!!

Sending love and best wishes to all xx

Oh dear :-(

I had something very similar with a slipped disc many years ago. I am surprised that you have nerve damage considering that you haven't had surgery. I am also surprised that it is getting progressively worse. This suggests to me that it is being caused by something else. Do you have any back-ache at all?

It is not small-fry and don't think you are any less worthy than anyone else, it's not good for you.

I suggest a chat with your GP instead of your consultant

Be lucky :-)

Hi Becky!

I have some of those symptoms too. Rotten, isn't it? I had nerve damage from the op and my left leg is still weak with a wasted thigh muscle. It had improved and in September and October I was going to the gym, cycling and generally on a high....apart from being diagnosed with mild lymphoedema.

Then, in November, I started to feel very tired and had pins and needles in one foot - not the nerve damage leg. The ankle also felt weak.  Then the whole leg! After a few slight twinges in the buttock I have now had what I think is sciatic nerve pain for several weeks. Sometimes it makes me cry out and starting to move can be tricky. Once I get going I can walk but physio have advised me to use a stick. I'm waiting for an appointment with neurology because they did an MRI in March. I know I have a prolapsed disc so I imagine it's that. I have back ache too. My GP did a load of blood tests for the tiredness but basically told me to get a grip! ;)  My consultant is not bothered about the backache because he knows about the disc and doesn't seem concerned about my tiredness or the ongoing pelvic pain. I feel like a moany old malingerer and don't even bother to tell my husband how I'm feeling because it just freaks him out.

As Tivoli says, might be best to see your GP or consultant and stress that it's getting worse. I would have expected nerve damage to get better, albeit very slowly. I was told mine would grow back in a couple of years.

Good luck with it all!

Kirsty xx


Hi, I had really painful pins and needles in my feet toes hands and fingers when I as going through chemo. I mentioned it at my review and they altered my treatment as they didn't want it to be a lasting effect. It really helped.

i had mild pins and needles since then but nothing as intense as your describing. Each person is different though.

my advice would to keep on at the hospital about this as it sounds like it's getting worse not better - surely there is something they can do for you???

Hi Becky.

Sorry to hear your still getting the pain.Have you asked to be

refered to the pain clinic.They have a full team that will be able

to let you know whats going on.

take care

Becky x

Thank you all so much for your advice. It's good to knwo others have experienced this and are getting better.

Kirsty sorry you're going through similar, hope it all improves.


I am due to see my consultant on Monday so I will speak to him and take it from there.


Take care and thanks again. xx