Leg problem after trachelectomy and lymph node revoval

Dear Ladies,

I wonder if anybody else is experiencing this. I had LLETZ in August 2013 and felt as if my nerve was damaged during the procedure as I almost jumped at one point as if being electrocuted. Since LLETZ I had uncomfortable sensation in my left groin and was very happy when a month later (after trachelectomy) the left groin and left upper thigh was totally numb. Numbness is not pleasant but felt better than the other sensation. I had two MRI scans within 4 months period (before the operation and 3 months post operation) and they didn't show any problems. However, the sensation slowly returned to groin and leg last month and since then it really bothers me. It’s not a pain as such and there is no swelling but I am constantly aware of it. Some sort of heavy sensation as if the leg is swollen but it is not L And this sensation is in groin, upper left thigh and hip I think and also it somehow radiates to the left ankle. Even wearing underwear is not pleasant as it presses on the left side and I constantly want to adjust it, very weird sensation L  The Macmillan nurse suggested waiting and seeing if things get worse – another waiting game L Any advice is very welcome xxxxx