Leg pain/swelling after lymph node removal

Hello, I had my lymph nodes removed 6 weeks ago to check for cancer. Thankfully these were clear!

Since then I have swelling that come and go in my pelvis and thighs. The past few days my right leg has been quite lumpy and sore. Is this normal? I feel my after care hasn’t been great tbh and I wasn’t told to wear compression socks and was admitted a few days later again with an infection. I also have pelvic pain but this was still present before the surgery. I go back to work next week and I am desperate to get back but worried this is going to be an ongoing issue.

Is this normal? Does anyone else have any other experience?


That sounds like lymphodoema sadly. I have been stuck with it 25 years. Ask to be referred to the lymphodoema service in your area. Usually they are run by Mcmillan or the local hospice. You can be measured for compression garments and you may be able to have massage therapy. Good luck!!

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As Petesdragon has suggested, it could be lymphoedema; I developed it in one leg soon after my treatment in 2017. My GP referred me to a local hospital which has a lymphoedema clinic. If you do have lymphoedema it’s important to get treatment asap to prevent it getting worse.

Be aware that not all GPs (or oncology teams) know much about lymphoedema; I had to seek a second opinion before I was offered a referral. The Lymphoedema Support Network offers great support and information: https://www.lymphoedema.org/