Leg cramps 10 months post-treatment?

Hi Ladies!


It's been a little while since I last posted on here as I had been recovering pretty well physically at least from my radical hyst last April....I've even started running again and training a little at the gym. I haven't done any exercise for the past couple of weeks but in that time I've been experiencing shooting pains coming and going down my thighs. I had quite a bit of numbness in my upper thighs post surgery and that's improved but nothing like this. It's like cramp but all down my thigh and occasionally into my lower legs. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Could it be the exercise or is it a common post-surgery symptom? Any help or advise would be great, especially as I'm going through a phase of stressing over every ache and pain! Thanks ladies xx

Hi.  MrsM3005 I have that numbness in my thighs too ? Is that the neuropathy we were warned about before treatment ? Mine really itch sometimes but scratching doesn't help as I can't feel it anyway !

I get cramp too, but usually if I have over exercised. extra salt and a cheap magnesium supplement have helped me with that.