Left side pelvis, rib and back pain

Just wondering if anyone else experiencing the same?
I’m now 4.5 years out of Chemorad treatment with all clear scans. (Stage 2B early advanced squamous cell)
Since early part of this year I’ve had stinging in my rib cage, and occasionally pain in the bones of my pelvis (dull ache) pretty similar to symptoms prior to diagnosis. I’ve had chest x ray and mammogram…all clear. In my check up with Oncology last week I had the news that I’m at 1% chance of recurrence and most likely to be signed off at my next appointment in 6 months.
Discussed these pains to be told it’s nothing to worry about, most likely Radiation Fibrosis. I was quite sensitive to radiotherapy which resulted in me needing a replacement hip last year.
Anybody else have the same and how do you control the pain?

Hi Murphy19

I haven’t had the same experience as you but, if you’re not already aware, just to mention that the Pelvic Radiation Disease Association (PRDA) offers information and support for those suffering as a result of pelvic radiotherapy.

I think it’s encouraging that there are a number of late effects services across the UK which are listed on the PRDA website:


The PRDA has a forum with Health Unlocked:



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