I am getting myself in a state worrying if I need a Leetz procedure. Consultant said I would get a letter in the New Year. I’m terrified, is this natural? X

I’m even thinking I won’t go and will cancel. I already suffer from Vulvodynia X

Firstly, don’t worry about your LLETZ treatment. I took my neighbour to hers last week and she is very intolerant to pain yet found it ok actually. She hasn’t had much pain or discomfort since. She said the biopsy was worse actually.

Secondly, please don’t cancel. It’s better to spend half an hour having the treatment and getting rid of any abnormal cells, than chance it becoming worse and suffering further down the line. It’s natural to be terrified, but leaving anything untreated will leave you more scared in the long run, as you will then always be worried about what’s going on with your cervix.


Please don’t cancel and get it done if that’s what they are asking you to do for me Lletz was totally painless byopsy was much more painful for me at the Lletz didn’t feel anything after the local anesthetic went in
I was also terrified before and now I wish I didn’t worry so much about the surgery because it was fast and no pain .The scenario of not getting it done could be horrible and you could end up in a much worse situation than this, not trying to scare you but cell changes can be easily treated much easier than end up having some of the other treatments for not getting Lletz done
Take care and stay strong you can do this