LEETZ at colposcopy appointment normal?

Hi Everyone,

Im new to this forum (and glad I came across it!) great way of sharing experiences and getting answers.

I was wondering if anyone else was treated straigh away at the colposcopy appointment and what their doctors said?? 

I had an abnormal smear (high changes) in December and got a relatively quick (at least I feel it was quick) appointment for another colposcopy 10th Jan.

I have had one before so sort of knew what to expect...

As i was on the infamous CHAIR she turned the screen and I could see what she was concerned about straight away, a lot of white .... 

She said she didnt want to wait for the biopsy results and rather get rid of the cells straight away.

I am normally a fan of being proactive ... but i was a bit shocked. 

So i got my 3 numbing injections into the cervix which was painful (i think I'm quite pain sensitive tho!) and was then earthed (strange feeling thinking about it)

She did her thing... which was quite uncomfortable at some points with the heat :( 

and then took a biopsy and used this other "burny thing" to stop bleeding. 

Having read across this forum i think she did the LEETZ thing? is it normal to have it done there and then at the colposcopy appointment?? 

I am now nervous about the results and the wait is driving me mad! (not being allowed to have sex does NOT help haha!)

I normally tell people that there is no need to worry as things will be what they will be and you cannot change that... but I'm really finding it hard to follow my own advice now!! 

We dont have children ... but had started trying more actively... having PCOS does not help with that either! 

pretty shit start to 2014! 

Does being treated there and then mean its quite bad?? she was reluctant to really give me any answers and said i would get the results via post? 

thanks in advance for any advice and/or sharing experiences. 

Stef xxx 

Hi Stef,

It seems to be more normal now to have the Lletz treatment at the first colposcopy than not. I didn't have mine at the same time, but to be honest my hospital aren't exactly the best!

It doesn't mean its any worse than they originally thought. Like you said its being proactive and it means you will get all your results within the next 6 weeks at least.

I had my colposcopy 6 weeks ago, waited 5 weeks for results, I have my Lletz next week and will then have a further 6 weeks to wait for results so I wish they'd done mine there and then.

I hope it all comes back ok for you :) xx

Thanks Fiona and Phew! I'm glad that's probably just a new way of dealing with it then. 

Sorry to hear your having to wait that long to get it all over and done with :( I really find the waiting part the hardest bit. 

Thank you and good luck for your treatment and results too!

Definately coming back as a man in my next life!! ;) xxx  

I had my lletz done at my colposcopy..she said there and then looked like cin 3 and only a small amount of cells...results came back like she had said cin 3 x

Hi Stef,

I just wanted to confirm what Fiona said :) I had CIN2 and my friend had CIN3 and we were both treated at our first colposcopy (different hospitals and NHS trusts) I think it's just how some places work (I can't speak for my friend but I think I remember having a chat with the nurse before had and she did explain that if they see CIN2/3 they like to remove there and then and was that ok with me - it was, I was worked up enough already let alone booking another appointment to go back again!)

I also get the feeling they don't like to commit themselves to an answer about how bad it looks at the time (my nurse said when I asked how it looked that 'it doesnt look as bad as I expected' when all I could see was a screen full of white... I tried to give her my best sceptical look but panic and having my legs akimbo rendered this impossible). But getting resutls by post is normal. I think places differ on how long it takes but she advised me it'd probably take about 6 weeks but I think I actually got them back in about 4. 

Best of luck with  your results :) x x x x

ok thank you, the reassurance that it is normal really helps x and it is good that they are now this proactive! 

Back to waiting for THE Letter then... thank you xxx 

Just remember, it seems to be that no news is good news, and even though it's naff waiting for resutls, the longer you have to wait, potentially the better it will be :) ... I say this like I had a walk in the park, I did not. At one point I really did consider finding out about some councelling becuase all I was doing was obsessing (I had a dream once or twice that was literally just repetitive LLETZ procedures... slightly worried about the workings of my mind!) 

I found doing crosswords and sudoku puzzles helped me relax a bit, because I couldn't really not concentrate  on them and just them and nothing else lol. I had to focus on just that, and also I couldn't really relate it to my situation (with telly I was like 'Aw Animal Rescue... aw a dog... aw I want a dog... but what if....' and then the bad thought spiral would happen and I would cry lol.

Fingers crossed for your results :) x x x

haha!! well im glad i'm not the only one with the obsessive overthinking brain!! REALLY hard to distract myself, thought the gym was a good idea saturday ... apparently too soon as started bleeding a little more again :( so yesterday made 3 different soup batches?? freezer is FULL now haha but it worked and it saves me cooking for a while haha.

One of my friends told me the same thing yesterday... the longer the wait the better as they would usually get in touch more quickly if it was REALLY bad... helps a lot to hear that!

And I think im slowly more able to re-adopt my usual mind-set of "some things you cant change anyway so whats the point in worrying"

thanks hun xxx 

haha I know - it trotted up the stairs at work about 4 weeks after my LLETZ, the bleeding had pretty much stopped, and it was only ONE FLIGHT (flight?) of stairs. I went to the loo after about 5 minutes back at my desk because I felt a bit weird and woosh there was lots more blood (not loads, but certainly more than there had been for a while!) I didn't trot anywhere for a while after that!

I'm impressed with your soup making! I've never made any soup! Definitely not the only one with an overative brain - my friends kept giving me the old 'you'll make yourself sick' line but I just couldn't shake the weird funk I was in. 

Keep busy, enjoy your soups! x x x x