leets meet november

Just noticed Whats going on!! How dim am I, Well im in london anyway on the nite of 29th and 30th nov cos it my birthday on the 30th!! Going to see dirty dancing on the thurs but will be out at a bar afterwards if anyone is at a loose end and fancies joining us girlies celebrating my Bday!! Might notmake the acutual meet as birthday and shopping/lunch/coctails planned!!! again fri anyone at loose ed in eve could always join. I got a fab deal at the travel lodge in covent garden by the way…

hi all,

ive had a look at some hotels on easy jets website and thinks if you dont wana pay too much butr still want something in easy reach of the venue by tube these seem ok.

1 - http://www.easyjethotels.net/info_hotel.jsp?indiceGP=3

2 - http://www.easyjethotels.net/info_hotel.jsp?indiceGP=5

3 - http://www.easyjethotels.net/info_hotel.jsp?indiceGP=7

4 - http://www.easyjethotels.net/info_hotel.jsp?indiceGP=9

5 - http://www.easyjethotels.net/info_hotel.jsp?indiceGP=2

6 - http://www.easyjethotels.net/info_hotel.jsp?indiceGP=4

7 - http://www.easyjethotels.net/info_hotel.jsp?indiceGP=5

8 - http://www.easyjethotels.net/info_hotel.jsp?indiceGP=6

not sure which 1 am gonna stay in yet. depends on money 1st. lol

hope this helps


Hi there,

I really want to come along - do we need to register somewhere?



Hi all we cant register till nearer the time Pam will post as soon as we can…

Claire how you getting to the hotel from stanstead apparently its miles away have you arranged anything train etc??

Becks Im looking at staying thurs fri night need a hotel near charing cross station which is right near the venue i think?? so your welcome to tag along with us if you like i need to sort it out soon just been so busy love kazxx


hi kaz

i should be getting picked up or getting a train. i wanted to fly into 1 ofr the others but the only flight i could find was over £200!!!

i look at hotels near the venue but they all seem to cost far to much for my poor post student budget. will probably book something in earls cross or bayswater as it seems the venue area can be easily reached by tube from there. according to the london underground info anyway. if anyone knows of a cheapish hotel near the venue though then id appreciate it.


hey all,

just thought id let you know i found a decent looking hotel really close to the venue. its on booking.com website and is called club quaters trafalgar square. its literally round the corner from the venue and trafalger square is about 5 mins walk away. you can book it now and pay when you get there. ive just booked my room there :smiley: wana explore as much of london as possible and it seems a good base. you can have 2 people per room too. and, and, its only cost me £116 for 2 nights!

(emily, your my 2nd person, then we can have a couple of nights out too :smiley: )


ok girls, forget that post, i got a call yesterday saying they’d made a mistake with the booking so, am back to looking for another hotel. looks like i’ll have to go further away from the venue so any advice would be appreciatyed as i dont know london at all!


Oh whata bummer that sounded ace Claire… its a mine field isnt it!! Im going to have a serious look this week now my friend has agreed to come.

Will let you know if i come up with anything.
Hope your ok love kaz xx :wink:

hi all,

ok, im booked into a hotel at last!! :lol:

its called the best western moyston hotel on bryanston street near oxford street, venue is 10 mins away by tube and is tube station in next street or if you dont want to change you can walk upto edgeware road staion and is a quicker tube ride with no changes.
its cos £162 for a single ensuite or if anyone wants to share its £194 for a twin/double room via booking.com. as with the others you can book now and pay on arrival :smiley:

hope this helps everyone

(emily, ring me when you see this please)


Hi claire is that for two nights?? do you know if its near any tube stations? sorry i will ring up when i get chance. its not looking good for transport at moment ive been quoted over £200 pound for two of us return by train…

Im gutted cant afford that but really wanted to come going to have another look fingers crossed.

Speak soon love kaz xx :wink:

hey hun,

yeah, thats fro 2 nights. am flying down as well to stanstead with easy jet only cost me £45 and easy jet do transfers now too which is about £6 return form the airport to the centre of london, (loads cheaper than the train) as luck would have it the drop off is about 3 streets away from the hotel and the nearest tube stations are edgeware and marble arch.

oh that cost for the flight is return as well with hold baggage.

Yipeeeeee ive booked my hotel the same one as you claire i have pmd you!!!

Going to decide which works out cheaper flying or train now…

See you all in november i hope a lot of you can come will be fun speak soon love kaz xxx :wink:

Hi Girls

I have booked the same Hotel girls as you, Looking forward to meeting you all.

Love & Hugs



roll on november :smiley: :smiley: we can supervise each other getting back to the hotel :lol: am presuming we’re havinbg a night out or 2 of course :smiley:


Oh yes would be rude not to have a couple of nights out… we could do with finding somewhere to eat fri night as it might be busy everywhere… oh here we go again searching through the minefield.

Im not planning on seeing much of the sights only the inside of pubs and shops obviously ha ha.

Take it easy love kaz xx :wink:

good thinking batgirl. any recommendations londoners?? somewhere yummy but not overly expensive.
what type of food?? hmmmmmm… think i’ll start a new post for the food etc

i wana see a few things cos never been to london and live miles away so its rare id get down there. of course, ity’b ruyde to not take in the offerings of pubs and shops :lol: :wink:



Londoner here lol.

I will come into town on the tube on fri morn but planning to stay all day and night lol.

As it is fri it maybe adviseable to book somewhere if we are going to all have a group meal. If we are going to go to a bar then no need to worry.

Belgos is nice in Convent garden belguim ffor mussells frits etc good menu not to pricey either. Based in covent gdn so fairly close to venue.

There is always the Coal Hole on the strand that is a good bar quite fun.

Need a poll to see what people want then we can book if needed