leets meet november

hi girls,

ive been thinking about the lets meet in november for a while cos is so many of you i wana meet up with. :smiley: but, dont have a clue about london cos ive never been before :oops:
i should be ok getting a flight down from newcastle but need a decent hotel, that wont cost me a fortune (being a skint, debt-ridden student) and is fairly easy to get to between stansted airport and the lets meet venue (so i dont get lost which is something im prone to doing :oops: )

any ideas would be appreciated :smiley:


Heloooo Ive been looking at hotels there is a couple ive seen not to expensive but im not sure how near they are to the train station i need one like next door or i will get lost too.

I will proberly get the train to charing cross i think the venue is only minutes from there Claire.

Im just waiting to see if my friend is coming with me then i might book something, i will have to go down on the Thursday night as it will take me a few hours to get there.

I will have a look today and get back to you if i find anything reasonable bye for now love kaz xx :wink:

yeah me too you not wot me legs like :lol:

i cant wait i bet its gunna be massive i dont really like london as its too fast for me but i will be there for lets meet wild horses couldnt keep me away so keep me posted on local cheapy hotels etc

love debi x

hi girls

i found some that were 3 star rated and were about £40 per night and pics looked good. no idea how far away they are from the venue though but were tube stations nearby.

i think id only be down for the 1 night tho, money permitting.


I found a couple near the venue but they are a bit more expensive im not sure if to fly and come fri morning or get a train day before yet!!

Does anyone know if you can get a tube direct from gatwick/heathrow airport to charing cross please.

Ta love kaz xx

hi kaz,

i looked at flights via easy jet as they seem the cheapest and flies into stanstead and you can get the bus from there to london centre for between £2-£4 if you book it in advance.
not sure about heathrow/gatwick but would imigine there’d be something similar.

i found some near the venue but is wasy to expensive for me :frowning: unless i could share a room with someone if that works out cheaper. ive never been to london so i wana have a bit of a look around too.


Thanks sweetie will look into every option xx :wink:


London isn’t that scary a place and it is easy to get around and not get lost, prices for hotels can be a rip off, but they do have travel lodges and travel inns in the centre of london. I would maybe avoid staying near the train stations as its not the best of areas whichever train station you get into.

If there are a few of you, taxi’s can be fairly cheap and are a great way to see the city. I went back in may with my wife Caroline and normally get the tube, but due to her bump, i treated her to a taxi, from Kings cross to the palladium, only cost £10.

Also the tube is not scary and is very easy and quick.

I hope to be there in November.



Tube from Heathrow into london, is very cheap but would take nearly 2 hours, dont even attempt it from gatwick its miles away.

you do have a gatwick and heathrow express from both airports into paddington i think, but again i think they are bit pricey.

I know you can get bus from Heathrow into central london. But avoid gatwick its nowhere near the centre of london, in fact no where near london lol


Stanstead is just like Gatwick, miles from London :roll: But the Gatwick Express train (not tube) can get you into London Victoria in under an hour. Once at Victoria there are many options including the underground, which isn’t that scary and much quicker than trying to get through Londons traffic.
Give me a couple of days (busy week ) and I will look into it for you and let you know.

The way this year is flying by November wll be here in no time :smiley:

Which is the better airport to fly into.I was thinking of going that morn and returning home that night.Any advice regarding flights and then how to get there would be great. :slight_smile:

Hey girls and guys,

I would definitely be keen to come along but it all comes down to money. I live in Guernsey, and it can be quite expensive to fly to Gatwick.

I could definitely have a look into it and let you know for sure. I would also be keen to share a room and travel arrangements with somebody. I would have to fly to Gatwick.

What happens on the Lets Meet?



same with me for money. if you look on easy jet they do loads of hotels that are v reasonable. some that are about £40-50 depending on what you want but they look clean etc. flights, i dont know. i’ll be coming into stanstead from newcastle on easy jet.

wont mind sharing a room with anyone to make things cheaper cos i have to watch my post-student pennies :frowning:

no idea what happens on a meet cos never been to 1 but am soooooooo looking forward to meeting everyone whos going :smiley:


Hi All

Want to come to the meet will be taking the day off work, and going to try and book hotel for the night before.

Looking forward to it, never been to one before, bit nervous as I dont know anybody, but will try and brave it.

Love & Hugs



hi sarah,

i dont and havent either but everyones brill on here so will be fine am sure. can meet and go to venue together if you like :smiley:


Hi Girlis and Boys

I have booked the Friday 30th Nov off work so I can come to the meet as I so want to meet you all, but dont know anyone.

Im going to stay up in town on the Thursday Evening, is anyone else staying overnight if so where abouts? Might see if I can get into the same Hotel and we can perhaps meet up.

Dont know London that well as its all a bit daunting. Someone save me

Love & Hugs


awwww kate, bless ya, am the same cos never been to london before. ive just replied to tracy e about this as well. i found a fair few hotels for £40-£50, im coming down on friday morning and staying the night so if anyone wants to go for a few drinks after the meet id be happy to :smiley:

will get the hotel details i found and post em over the weekend.

i’ll be flying into stanstead from newcastle which is about £45 through easy jet.


hi again girls,

easy jet do hotels as well and is some ok looking hotels and prices seem ok whether your having your own room or want to share with someone.


Hi girls

Have been trying to locate a Hotel fro the Thurday night before the meet, oh my god how many hotels,

Does anyone know of any good ones near, but not at an extortionate amount



hi all,

i looked up some hotels earlier and tried to post it but got an error message grrrrr. anyway, does anyone know what time the meet is cos ive booked the friday off and was gonna stay the friday nite. would the thurs be better??

will get the hotel details again and post them again.