I recently had a leep to remove a cat 3 abnormality. Evertything has been fine discharge few cramps but nothing major ,up to a few days ago when ive started to bleed (no clots) no i feel like my pelvis is achicing i cant sit comfory or lay comfy i feel preshed on my left side. I am unsure what to do as the doctor is calling me thursday evening with results ..

has anybody else experianced heavy bleeding /presssure one week later ? am also really worried about the results now, compared to a week ago wwhen i was relieved it had been taken out of me 

thanks jo




Yes, absolutely! The bleeding i would put down to being your scab coming away. I've had the same a week after both of my leeps. In the next few days you will probably see black flecks when you wipe. Totally normal. monitor the bleeding, they told me that if youre having to change your towel every 10 minutes then it needs checking. As for the anxiety, I've felt the same both times too. I think as time goes on and you know results are imminent you start to panic xx

Hi looking for some advice I had a leeps done last wed 

21st. I have had a browny discharge for the past week but yesterday and today

I've had small black spots basicly the size of grite is this normal?

Also I've had like a throbing achy pain the last couple of days. I'm also worried it's going to affect me having a healthy pregancy

As I had a late misscarge at 18 weeks last feb I also have pcos and worried I won't go onto have children? can anyone plese help

The black spots are normal, as I said I'm my above comment, they are the scabs coming away from your cervix. Try to take it easy and don't do too much. maybe visit the Drs if you're experiencing discomfort. 1 LEEP shouldn't effect pregnancy but I think they will monitor your cervix throughout. you'll have to talk to someone about that as I am unsure x