Hi I have had abnormal paps since 2010 the only 2 I had come back normal were in 2015 and April 2016. I have had 3 colposcopies one in 2011 one 2014 and one March 23 2017 the first 2 came back cin1 and this one I had done in march showed cin2. I’m scheduled for a leep procedure on April 28th. Is it normal for a normal Pap to progress to cin2 in just 9 months. Oh also am hpv positive. Is it advisiable to have someone with me at the leep procedure? And do they take biopsy during leep and if so what is the biopsy checking for? Also I recently found out that my mom had to have treatment for abnormal cells when she was in her 30’s I am 28 years old does that mean cervical cancer could run in my family?

Hi I have too have lletz on 25/4/17 and a biopsy  I'm taking my mum with me as I get very anxious more so as they've found abnormal cells and cervical lesion , as far as I no the biopsy checks to see exactly what the abnormalities are because a smear and colcoscopy can't tell by just looking at them , I would advise taking someone in with you if you are worried , if your concerned about any maybe ring jos helpline as they've been brill:) xxx

Thanks so much I hope everything goes well with your lletz procedure best of luck